13 Last-Minute Gifts For Your Significant Other In 2016 That Are Still Super Thoughtful

When you're in a new relationship, sometimes holidays can be a little... weird. As in, you might find yourself grabbing a last-minute gift for your significant other, because, well, you didn't really think gifts were going to be a thing this year. Another likely scenario? You two decide on no gifts, but it just feels kinda-sorta weird, since for you, the holidays are all about giving mementos which show your love, no matter how small of a gift it may be.

Just because a gift is last-minute, though, that doesn't mean that it'll be a clunker. In fact, it's easier than ever to get quick shipping on a quality product (ahem, Amazon Prime.) The one problem? Well, if you're rushing to buy something for your significant other to unwrap, you might doubt that it's even worthy of purchase, since you won't really be emotionally attached to it. When something is last-minute, it obviously lacks the "I thought about this present for months" factor.

Know what? That's OK. Even if you've been planning on exchanging gifts for some time, and simply couldn't think of something super personal, realize that we all have off years. Just make sure that your gift is something you know your significant other might get a kick out of (so, uh — no peach candles, like that recent Saturday Night Live sketch) and next year, trust me. You'll knock it out of the park.

Here are a few suggestions that'll make them smile.


Beard Oil Gift Set

If your significant other has a beard, it might be nice to get him a nice grooming set. After all — I don't have a beard — but I imagine that sometimes I'd forget to properly maintain it around the holidays based on being super busy. You can get this Hombre Body beard conditioner and comb set ($17) through Amazon Prime.


Leather Watch/Jewelry Box

Whether you're dating a guy or gal who owns a bunch of watches, or rings, this gorgeous leather box from Ohuhu ($16) is definitely a stunner. Since it's available through Amazon Prime, it'll definitely arrive at your doorstep well before your family Christmas Eve party starts to get exhausting.


A Gorgeous Bouquet

Everyone appreciates a nice bouquet of flowers. Thankfully, 1-800-Flowers offers same-day delivery. One of the coolest bouquets is the Winter Warmth bouquet ($45-$55), which comes with a reusable jar and tealight that can be used for festive decor after the flowers are gone. Pretty genius, if you ask me.


Christmas-Themed Strawberries

The holidays are all about eating. In case you're tired of the usual fare — you know, candy canes and ham — check out the Sweet Christmas Wish box ($40) from The box, which includes 12 hand-dipped berries, can out to you ship same day.


Travel Manicure Set

It might seem like an odd gift, but it'll definitely come in handy someday. This travel manicure set from Buxton ($5) would be good for everyone who enjoys a bit of pampering (or, just hates having a rough nail.) Available from Target, you can buy this with express shipping.


Leather Messenger Bag

If your guy has a lot of stuff, but can't decide between a backpack and a briefcase, why not a manly leather bag ($45) from Target? Available with express shipping, this British Belt Co. bag is sure to make a positive statement.


Fun Socks For Him

Nobody loves buying socks for themselves. That's why the holidays are the perfect time to help your significant other stock up — even if it's last minute. These fun and colorful argyle socks ($36) from Amazon include multiple pairs.


Herringbone Bathrobe

Everyone loves a good bathrobe. The problem is, not everyone owns a good bathrobe. Picking up this herringbone bathrobe ($64) from Target will be a big win. It's 100 percent cotton, so it'll definitely be comfortable after a bath or shower.


Retro Candy Mix

Everyone loves candy. If your significant other is in that (of course) but also loves getting on occasion, this retro candy gift set ($12) from Amazon won't seem like it was a last minute rush.


A Subscription To LootCrate

There's nothing better than a surprise that's truly a surprise to you both — and by gifting your partner a LootCrate (prices vary) your partner will be able to pop open a crate of fun goodies that aligns with their own hobbies.


A Hulu Gift Subscription

The couple that watches TV together, stays together. If you find yourself getting a bit bored with Netflix, consider gifting your sweetheart a Hulu subscription (prices vary). You can test it out for 3-months, at around $24.


Bonsai Kit

Whether your significant other loves nature, or just needs to de-stress by looking at nature (especially if he or she spends every day in a cubicle) this bonsai trio kit ($19), which includes three trees, will probably be a big hit. Even better, it's available on Amazon Prime, so you can add it to your cart today.


A Comfortable Pair Of Sneakers

Find inspiration in this particular pair of Vans ($35) from Zappos, or perhaps you have another good pair in mind. Shoes are a fun gift, since you probably already know the size of your significant other's feet, and Zappos offers expedited shipping if you sign up for their rewards card. It's definitely a quick, awesome gift that can get a ton of use.