13 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas That Only Require One Item


Picking out an elaborate Halloween costume that is worthy of winning all the awards at your costume parties is fun... but sometimes, it's just not practical. Who has the time to come up with a truly unique idea, search for all of the perfect items that are reasonably priced, and then potentially DIY most of the costume?! You have a job, a social life, and your own mental health to take care of, so if you can't seem to squeeze in time to make an epic Halloween costume, we honestly can't blame you. But if you'd like to wear something, and you find yourself down to the wire, you might start to panic. That's where the below super simple costumes come in: these are easy, last-minute Halloween costumes that you can make with just one item. It doesn't get much faster than that!

These costumes all feature one item that you just can't go without if you're trying to be at least a little bit legit about what you're wearing. You should own all of the other stuff that can go along with the costume, because most of it is pretty versatile. Okay, so maybe your costume won't be the most convincing one out there, and maybe you won't win any awards, but who cares? Sometimes you need the laziest option possible, especially when Halloween falls in the middle of the week.

Below are a few simple costume options that will only require you to go out and purchase one item that should be easy to find. Happy Halloween!


A Mechanic

AE Tomgirl Overalls, $89.95. American Eagle

As long as you wear overalls, it's not hard to go as a mechanic - especially when the overalls already have rips in them. Put on any old t-shirt you have, a pair of sneakers, and carry around a tool that's around your house. You're good to go - and really comfortable.


Jon Snow

Faux Fur Jacket, $34.99, H&M

If you have black pants and a black shirt, then all you need is a fuzzy black faux-fur jacket, and you can basically pretend to be Jon Snow.


A Zombie

Fake Blood Makeup Kit, $3.99, Party City

All you have to do to zombie-fy any outfit is add some fake blood and messy hair... and just generally look dead. You can add this to anything from a normal outfit to an old costume you don't mind ripping up a bit for authenticity.


A Hippie

Mini Rose Gold Flower Headwrap, $3.49, Claire's

You almost definitely have a flowery dress somewhere in your closet, or maybe even a pair of flared jeans or something. If so, buy yourself a flower crown, and call yourself a hippie. It's that easy!


A French Girl

Felt Beret, $15, Urban Outfitters

If you own a striped shirt, then all you really need to do is slip on a beret, and pretend to be a French woman. You can add red lipstick too, if you have it.


A Devil

Anna Belen Devil Horns Headband, $14.80, Amazon

All you really need to be a devil is a pair of devil horns, which are easy to find. But bonus points if you have a red dress or a red hoodie that you can also throw on.


Wednesday Addams

Record Time A-line Dress In Black, $59, Modcloth

Wednesday Addams is a popular costume for a reason: she's awesome, and it's easy to put together. The one part of her look that really stands out is something you don't need to buy: pigtails. Just add a black dress and you're good. This one is perfect with the white collar.


A Cat

Cat Ears Headband, $7.99, Amazon

Yeah, being a cat is a cliche, but who cares? It's still cute. You can wear all black, plus the headband, which you can find anywhere.


Regina George

Dress as Regina George by only purchasing one item: either a white tank top that you can cut holes in, or a purple bra. If you already have the tank top, get the bra. If you need the tank top, wear any colored bra.


Michael Myers

Michael Myer's Mask, $34.99, Amazon

With the return of the Halloween movies, this is an especially trendy pick. Just slip the mask on, and get out there and start scaring everyone around you.


A Witch

Leg Avenue Witch Hat, $19.82, Amazon

This hat is really the only necessary item to be a witch. You can wear all black, or honestly whatever you want.


A Unicorn

Unicorn Headband, $10.99, Amazon

Throw on this headband, plus all of the most colorful clothes you own. Annnnnd you're a unicorn.