13 'Mean Girls' Memes To Share On Pink Out Day

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The fight for equality in our healthcare system is far from over. The current administration has vowed to dismantle the very laws which give women access to affordable health and reproductive services. Planned Parenthood won't stand for this and declared Wednesday, March 29 "Pink Out Day". The idea is to remind lawmakers of the will and determination of women fighting for their rights. Supporters are encouraged to fill their social media profiles with pro-Planned Parenthood posts, RSVP to the event on Facebook, post a #PinkOut selfie, and of course, wear pink.

You read that right, Planned Parenthood is saying that on Wednesday we should wear pink. Sound a little familiar? Your favorite early 2000s movie had the same idea. While Mean Girls originally had characters wear pink to distinguish themselves as the popular group, Pink Out Day encourages participants to wear pink to show they stand with Planned Parenthood.

On the surface, Mean Girls is a story about petty high school drama and cliques, but the message runs much deeper. Throughout the movie, each character learns the true value of loving themselves while supporting and looking out for each other. By the end, they are able to make their school a more open, equal community. This message is echoed in Planned Parenthood's Pink Out Day, a demonstration of the strength women have when they work as one for a common goal.

So maybe the connection isn't so strange after all? Check out these Mean Girls memes which are a must share for Pink Out Day.

It's Pink Out Day
How You Feel Knowing PP Is There For You
Thinking About How Happy Supporting PP Makes You
When Someone Tells You How Great PP Is
When You're Told PP Should Be Defunded
When You Need To Focus On The Real Issue
When Someone Tells You Not To Go To PP

When The Government Won't Leave Your Rights Alone
When Politicians Try To Regulate Your Body
When You See Protesters Outside of PP
When Reminding Followers To Never Leave Someone Behind
When Showing Support And Love For Each Other
When It's Wednesday

Time to break out your favorite pink shirt from 2004 and get out there to fight for your rights.