13 Movies People Hated In The '90s

The 1990s was a confusing time for all of us, what with the releases of the Barbie song, Eiffel 65, and a list of films that somehow managed to include aliens, bad special effects, and self-made rappers who had no business hitting the big screen in the first place. With that said, the '90s was also an experimental period, that I, at least, learned to embrace. In addition to the truly great films that came out, there were plenty of movies that people simply hated in the '90s. But hey, it was a time for branching out and taking risks.

And now, let's revisit some of those films that really were downright terrible. I was big on cheesy movies in the '90s, but some were just so unbearable that I still can't even believe we all made it through the whole hour and change just to see such a dissatisfying and predictable ending. These films barely hold up to today's standards, but if you're ever in the mood to see what the '90s biggest film rejects looked like, you're in luck. You might just find a movie to play in the background during your next house party to make sure everyone's actually interacting and not paying attention to the on-screen entertainment.



We were made to believe the NBA giant was a grade A rap superstar. No matter how bad the film was, though, kids ate it up.


'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'

It was morbid and seriously gave kids the wrong message about what to do in a terrifying situation.


'The Brady Bunch Movie'

This movie was a parody of the beloved Brady Bunch family we grew up with, and while it's something of a cult classic now, it didn't exactly do well at the time.


'The Cable Guy'

He was the weird cable guy who overstayed his welcome after upgrading someone's cable for free. Not exactly a critical fave.


'The Blair Witch Project'

The film that everyone rented to get a good scare, even if they hated it. The director even convinced us that everything we were seeing was real.


'Spice World'

As a kid, this movie was a fave of mine, but aliens, platform shoes, and wacky characters made this one a film that most of the world could have done without.



Two buddies master a baseball/basketball team, and it's as weird as it sounds.


'Cool As Ice'

Yes, Vanilla Ice got his own movie. I want to know who gave the final OK on this project.



Picture Dumb and Dumber, but worse.


'Super Mario Brothers'

Yes, that's Dennis Hopper in what looks like some cornrows.



But really, did you see the snake? Not impressed.


'Bride Of Chucky'

I know I wasn't alone with hating the entire Chucky series. Serial killer dolls?! Nope, I'm out.


'Dunston Checks In'

A chimpanzee giving massages. I'm through, yall.

As you can see, the '90s was messy but sometimes a delight when it came to breaking away from social norms for an hour or two. If you have enough courage to watch these movies toda, I suggest having someone there with you who has a good sense of humor.