13 Natural & Effective Ways To Help Your Body Produce More Melatonin


If you've been struggling to fall asleep, then you may want to look into ways to naturally produce more melatonin. Because when it comes to drifting off easily at night, this hormone is where it's at. And the more you can do to boost its production — or at least not impede its production — the better off you'll be.

"Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland within the brain that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle," Dr. Kelly Bennion, an O2X human performance specialist, tells Bustle. "Melatonin levels follow a circadian rhythm, such that our melatonin levels rise in the evenings to help prepare our body for sleep. They then drop during the early morning hours, helping prepare us for wakefulness."

And there are several things that can throw it off. As Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, tells Bustle, "Light is the most important factor for melatonin production." Even seemingly insignificant things, like looking at your phone before bed, or how much sunlight you get each day, can play a role.

The good news is, once you know what impacts melatonin, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Read on below for a few ways to ensure your body has enough melatonin, according to experts, so you can get better sleep.