13 Newlyweds Reveal Whether Marriage Actually Changed Their Relationship

Ashley Batz/Bustle

While many people are in the throes of wedding season, watching friends and family walk down the aisle, it's easy to start to wonder one big question: Does getting married change anything?

Historically, sure. You didn't live together or fool around until you were married, which is still the case in some cultures. But for a lot of young, Western couples, you've probably been having sex or living with our partner long before you walk down the aisle. For some, marriage is more of a symbolic shift than a practical one — so how much really changes?

Well, a recent Reddit thread asked newlywed women about this exact topic. And, as people talked about how marriage did or didn't change their relationship, it became clear that, for most of the Redditors, it's not always the seismic shift you might think. Now, that's not to say that you should be flippant about the decision to get married — it's still a huge, legally-binding transition. But it's good to know that a happy relationship can continue to tick along happily, no matter the marital status.

Here's what the Reddit users had to say.


Sometimes Nothing Changes, But You're Psyched About It

It's amazing that so many people found their relationship didn't change. But what's important to remember is that they thought that was a great thing.


You're More Comfortable

For many, there was a sense of relaxation and contentment that came with being married. And better communication and more realistic expectations is always something to celebrate.


It Changes For The Better

Sometimes, you realize that you start to grow and change as a couple. And sometimes you realize that things just change when you get older. It sounds like this couple is happily riding that wave.


It Sneaks It Unexpectedly

Interestingly, other Redditors from similar cultures said that they suspected the same thing would happen once their married. It's fascinating that formality and respect can manifest through your language, without you even realizing.


It Helps How Others See you

Though you should never get married just to conform to soceital expectations, a lot of people say that the world treats their relationship with more respect and takes them more seriously now that they're married.


Finances Change

Being married is about practicalities as much as it is about romance. For some people, that's a big shift.


6.You're Just Still With Your Best Friend

Being able to talk about anything is so important in a relationship — and it seems like this couple relaxed into that. But at the end of the day, you're still with that same old person you love.


You Can't Always Put Your Finger On It

This was another common theme: people found that their relationship shifted, but couldn't explain how. They just knew that it felt right.


Things Improve Emotionally

If you're already living together or have been together a while, there's a good chance your day-to-day won't change that much. But sometimes, there are internal changes and shifts in how you relate to each other that are really telling.


The Sex Gets Better

How great does that sound?


Sometimes It's The Same

You'd be surprised how many people just straight-up said there was no difference. It's not a bad thing, but it might not be what you would expect if you've never been married.


You're More Confident

Some people struggle with relationship insecurity — no matter how great their partner is. There were quite a few people who said getting married helped ease those anxieties.


You're A Package Deal

I would really hope to maintain independence, even if I was married, so I was surprised to see that people start to assume you come as a pair once you're married.


They're Still The Person You Want To Crawl Into Bed With

No matter the age, at the end of the day isn't that what it's all about?

Marriage may seem like a life-changing decision — and it's certainly not one you should make me lightly. But don't expect it to totally overhaul your day-to-day. You're still with the same person, after all.