These Peel-Off Makeup Products Will Bring A Whole New Level Of Satisfying To Your Routine

by Summer Arlexis

Leave it to Instagram, the birthplace of most newfound beauty obsessions, to make peel-off makeup products a thing. Beauty bloggers have been trying out everything from face primers to lip colors that rip away like bandaids— minus the pain of course— and it has K-beauty and other innovative brands in the spotlight more than ever.

Peel-off makeup is trending and it makes total sense. As weirdly satisfying as they are to take off, peeling face masks and pore strips are still popular, so the surge of peel-offs in the makeup and nail space came naturally. Anything that makes makeup application and removal smoother is always worth getting behind. That's what makes peel-off stains, tints, and liners so worth trying. They paint on effortlessly (given a little practice), dry down, and rip away to reveal long-lasting color. The real question is do they really work? Thank the heavens for YouTubers giving viewers a front row seat to all of this peeling action so you can witness the magic firsthand.

Like all fads, peel-off makeup comes with its fair share of mixed reviews, however. You'll just have to try these rip-away stains for yourself to see if they are truly worth the hype.


Blinc Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner, $26, Amazon

Gone are the days of rubbing at stubborn eye makeup that just won't budge. A liquid liner with a water-resistant formula, this cat eye creator lasts all day, until you're ready to peel it off with ease.


Sally Hansen Big Peel-Off Base Coat

Big Peel Off Base Coat, $5, Amazon

No need to break out the cotton balls and acetone. This Sally Hansen base coat makes polish removal easy peasy by creating an instant peel barrier on your nails.


Etude House My Brow Tint Gel

Tint My Brows Gel, $8, Amazon

One of the most popular peel-off makeup products that actually works, this K-beauty brow gel fills with a temporary pigment that lasts for days. It does take a minimum two hours to dry upon the initial application, but once it does, it rips away to reveal fuller looking brows.


Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack

My Lip Tint Pack, $23, Amazon

Berrisom's lip tints have been floating around social media for awhile, given their unique no-smudge formula. Available in several shades from deep berry to bright orange, they set in about 20 minutes and peel in a clean sweep to reveal a stained pout.


Cailyn Cocoon Peel-Off Lip Stain

Cocoon Lip Stain, $22, Cailyn Cosmetics

After just 10 minutes of drying time, these vibrant stains are ready to rip away. Their intense staying power means you won't have to worry about routine touchups throughout the day, every beauty lover's dream come true.


NOT4U Real Skin Patch

Real Skin Patch, $20, Amazon

A peel-off toner that's having a major moment right now, this K-beauty gem comes in handy for painting on a full face. Apply it prior to your makeup application to peel your foundation, contouring, and strobing off in one sweep at the end of the day. ItsMyRayeRaye's review proves that it takes some practice to master, but it just may be worth the hassle when you get the application down to a science.


Color On Pro Eye Envy Peel-Off Eyeshadow

"Smoky" Eye Envy Kit, $15, Color On Pro

You'll need a little elbow grease to blend this press on eyeshadow to your desired look, but it pays off. Press it on softly— it's super pigmented— and the results will definitely blow you away.


Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Stain

Long Lasting Lip Stain, $6, Amazon

Yet another lip stain that leaves an intense pigment behind, Romantic Bear's Wow! lip colors will give your pout a beautiful flush. Eat, drink, swim, and more because it seriously will not fade.


Drasawee Waterproof Peel-Off Eyeliner

Waterproof Peel Off Eyeliner, $11, Amazon

Try graphic liner looks, paint on a dramatic cat eye, or anything your heart desires with this fade-resistant eyeliner. When all is said and done, it peels off effortlessly with no residue left behind.


Kurious Natural Lip Tattoo

Natural Lip Tattoo, $16, Amazon

Available in a range of power reds, bright pinks, and even a glitter shade, this lippie tints like a tattoo. All it takes is about five minutes to dry before removing in a quick and easy sweep.


Suncoat The Peelables Nail Polish

"Pink Dehila" The Peelables Nail Polish, $11, Suncoat

This peelaway polish is just as fun to paint on as it is to remove. Water-based and eco-friendly, it features natural colors and mineral pigments for an odorless, beautiful finish.


Kiesque Liquid Palisade

Liquid Palisade Easy-Peel Polish Barrier, $14, Sephora

Like painter's tape for your nails, this precision barrier makes every step of a mani a breeze, from application to removal. Trace it around your cuticles to prevent staining your skin while painting, use it to block of your tips for a French mani, or mask thin layers in unique designs to create custom nail art. This easy-peel barrier seriously has no limits.


Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils

Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils Starter Pack, $9.99, Beth Bender Beauty

Okay, so it's not exactly peel-off color, but these rip-away stencils are close enough. Apply them to your lids to create every kind of cat eye, from traditional black wings to creative ombré designs, without stressing over being precise.


There are definitely some bonafide winners in this roundup of peel-away cosmetics. The only way to know for sure, however, is to test them out, even if only for the sweet satisfaction that comes with peeling off any beauty product.