We're So Ready For A Haleb Wedding On 'PLL'

by S. Atkinson

I think we can all agree that Hanna and Caleb, aka the strongest couple on Pretty Little Liars, so deserves to get their happily ever after. So let's run through just a few of the reasons we need a Haleb wedding in Pretty Little Liars Season 7. It's been a long time since the perfectly matched pair first crossed paths, but our starcrossed lovers have come a long way since then. And now I want to see them take that final step.

For those who need a little refresher, their meeting was thanks to Emily yearning for one phone conversation with Maya, who had been sent away for smoking pot. Maya's parents had a nifty plan — she had a phone that blocked all numbers apart from theirs (does this actually exist? Answers on a postcard, please). Hanna ended up approaching Caleb to hack into the phone for Emily. Before long, they were exchanging hot insulting-flirty banter in detention.

If you've watched the episode "Driving Miss Crazy," you'll know that they're so tight that Caleb finally proposed, albeit in front of Hanna's mother. Whether it was just for an alibi or if he was for real will remain to be seen. (Sorry guys, I'm a spoilsport who doesn't think that woods "wedding" counted. After all, there wasn't a bear with a license.) Either way, I need a real wedding to actually happen, and here's why.


Because We Still Need To Be Compensated For Whatever The Hell Happened In Ravenswood

Remember that weird Halloween episode "Grave New World," where Caleb ends up meeting some vulnerable-seeming girl on the bus to Ravenswood, Miranda Collins, and Hanna lets him just go off in order to protect Miranda? Yeah, I know, there was a spin-off series. But spoiler: Miranda dies in "Death and the Maiden," so the whole reason Caleb left Rosewood was null and void. This isn't a valid excuse for separating the most viable couple on Pretty Little Liars.


But The Whole Ravenswood Incident Did Prove They Trust Each Other

What other girlfriend lets her boyfriend go off for months and months, sees him return with a drinking habit and a dark secret, and still doesn't lose faith in him? This proved they were in it for the long haul.


Because They Dressed Up As Romeo And Juliet

In Season 2, Episode 25, Caleb rocked up to the Masquerade Ball as Romeo, while Hanna was there as Juliet. If that isn't the showrunner signaling that these are the star-crossed lovers you should be rooting for, I don't know what is.


Because The Chemistry Is All Too Real

I can't be the only one who's googled if Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn are together in real life, right?


Because Try As They Might, They Can't Keep Secrets From Each Other

And whether Uber A likes it or not, that's got to be a good thing in a marriage.


Because They Look So Good Together

Onscreen or offscreen, in Rosewood or in real life, this pair are picture perfect.


Because Even As High School Students, They Could Be Vulnerable With Each Other

When they go camping together in the show's first season, Hanna opens up about being Hefty Hanna. When he tells her "You didn't have to tell me that," she explains "I want you to know who I am." He then tells her he never met his father. I'm crying.


Because Even Though He Was In A Relationship With Her Best Friend And She Was Engaged, Haleb Is Still Rock Solid

Given the twists and turns of their romantic history, you'd expect there to be a few more bumps in the road — jealousy maybe, or paranoia. But the fact that it's clear sailing suggests they're meant to be.


Because Hanna May Always Have An A Around

With the exception of the years in the time jump, Hanna's spent most of her adult life with a rotating cast of psychopaths making her life a living hell. We have no reason to believe that she'll ever entirely be free, since her friendship group seems to be a magnet for trouble. Wouldn't you feel better about Hanna if her husband was hacker extraordinaire Caleb? You've got to admit it was pretty damn lucky that Caleb was the only person who knew how to dismantle the security system at Hanna's mom's hotel — the incident showed he's able not just to protect Hanna, but all of the other Liars, too.


Because That Proposal Was TOO MUCH


At first we assume he's stalling for time when Ashley Marin asks some tough questions in Season 7 Episode 17: "I would have spent the next 50 years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that had ever happened to me. I can't imagine my life without Hanna." But when Caleb pops the question, while it might seem totally unorthodox to propose to a woman in front of her mother, it's also the most romantic thing ever.


Because He Wants It To Be Just Them


Remember when Hanna had that offensively inoffensive fiancee Jordan and all she would ever do was unenthusiastically plan their wedding and avoid talking much to him? When Caleb states he wants it to be "no bells and whistles... just the two of us," he reinforces that this is a serious proposal. This isn't about an excuse for a party. This is about making an official commitment to someone he's been deeply in love with since he was a teenager.


Because Ashley (Marin)'s Down With It, Too


Given Hanna's sucky dad, it's important that a central figure in her life like her mom would support her choice of partner. Did you see Ashley's face when Caleb proposed? The woman was glowing.


Because That Fake Woods Wedding Has Just Whet Our Appetites For The Real Thing


"I would marry you right this second if we could just find a bear who was licensed." Hanna's come prepared though — not with a bear, but with two paper cigar rings, one for her and one for Caleb. This should have sated fans, but, if the rest of you are anything like me, this just made me want to see a big deal wedding ceremony between the two of them.

"Driving Miss Crazy" proved that Haleb are end game. Now we just need that official wedding to deliver the receipts.