These 13 "Innocent" Movies Are Actually So Dirty

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Remember being young and innocent, watching classics like Aladdin and Clueless, and laughing at all the jokes you didn't even understand? Yeah, me neither. Now, as I look back at those same movies, I can't help but see just how dirty they all were. Revisiting those seemingly innocent movies that are lowkey raunchy AF can be traumatic. (Does one really need to know that in Aladdin, Jafar tried to turn Jasmine into his own personal sex slave?) But, it's also a necessary part of growing up.

It's not hard for seemingly innocent movies to be corrupted. All it takes are a few well-disguised dirty jokes and sex references, and, boom, what was once kid-friendly fun is now slightly disturbing. And these 13 seemingly innocent movies that are really raunchy AF are not all "innocent" because they were marketed for kids. Some of these are high school movies, international hits with adults and pre-teens alike, that were full of jokes that could go over the heads of innocent, virgin ears. In all fairness, part of the reason some of these more raunchy movies appear innocent is because of the ratings system, which has changed drastically over the years. Would Who Framed Roger Rabbit really be rated PG if it were released today? I think not. As for the rest of these lowkey dirty movies, well, you can decide for yourself what ratings they deserve.



Think Clueless is just another sweet coming-of-age story? Think again. Blow job jokes and lowkey drug references make the movie anything but innocent.

Stream Clueless here.



Shrek — it looks like a cute kid's movie about acceptance, but it's also one long joke about a Lord with a tiny penis.

Stream Shrek here.


'Weird Science'

Weird Science is an '80s teen classic, but it's also super, super raunchy (and vaguely disturbing).

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'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is proof that just because a movie stars cartoons doesn't mean it can't be highly inappropriate.

Stream Who Framed Roger Rabbit? here.


'Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed'

For a movie based on a Saturday morning cartoon, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed sure is filthy.

Stream Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed here.


'Sixteen Candles'

There are a lot of very strange things going on in Sixteen Candles — a PG rated film, FYI — in which a nerd bargains with a girl he likes for her panties and then drives around with a super drunk girl in his car. Rape-y vibes abound.

Stream Sixteen Candles here.


'Back To The Future'

It's all innocent, time travel fun, until you realize that Marty McFly's father is a peeping Tom and his mom is into her own son.

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We should have known Fifty Shades of Grey was coming from that slave Jasmine scene.

Stream Aladdin here.


'Wish Upon A Star'

Again: lots of Fifty Shades of Grey foreshadowing in this movie that played on the Disney Channel.

Stream Wish Upon A Star here.



Spaceballs might seem obviously raunchy to adult audiences, but to kids, it's just a wacky Star Wars parody.

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'Austin Powers'

Another obviously raunchy movie, Austin Powers can also easily be mistaken for an innocent parody. You just have to be really cool with not getting half the jokes.

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There is a full on sex scene between man and ghost in Ghostbusters. And that somehow does not stop it from being described as a movie for children.

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Anything With Minions

Minions are sex-obsessed creatures marketed for children, and I don't understand this craze at all.

Clearly, no movie is ever truly innocent. (There's a metaphor for life there, somewhere.)