13 Sexy Stocking Stuffers From Unbound That Are Under $50

As an adult, it's a struggle to find a use for stocking stuffers. You probably don't need little toys or tchotchkes or even decorations. But sexy stocking stuffers? Who can’t use more of that!

Sexy stocking stuffers are especially great if your Christmas morning just involves you and your boo. Obviously if there will be kids around and they’re old enough to ask what that funny vibrating thing is, then maybe you should stick to giving sexy stocking stuffers in private. (Same goes for opening stockings in front of grandparents/parents/siblings/cousins/etc. No one wants to deal with that awkwardness on Christmas morning.)

But, luckily, a lot of sex toys and sex products these days don’t come in vulgar packaging and aren’t explicit at all. Many sex-positive brands think of sex products as another lifestyle product — right along with face wash and scented candles — and the packaging reflects that ethos. So if the kids in your family are still small (or your parents are super oblivious), you may be able to get away with slipping a sexy stocking stuffer in with everything else.

Stocking stuffers need to be inexpensive, of course, but the thing about sex toys and sex products is that you often get what you pay for. That’s why I chose these 13 sexy stocking stuffers from the company Unbound. They’re committed to creating financially accessible sex toys, products, and accessories that are body safe and well-made. I wouldn’t recommend just any sex toy that cost less than $50, but I can wholeheartedly recommend these.



If you and your boo like a little light bondage play, Tether is a great no muss, no fuss option. This bondage tape sticks to itself but not to you and will only set you back twelve bucks. Fun bonus? If you buy enough, you can totally make fetish gear out of it.


Ice Cream Cone Lube Vial

Look, we all love a little lube. And you can love your lube on-the-go with the Ice Cream Cone Lube Vial. This cute little necklace is just big enough for a night full of fun, no matter where the evening takes you.



Don't you love it when fashion and kink intersect? This harness is leather-free, stretchy, adjustable for all body types, and can be worn either with clothing or without.


Gold Whip Necklace

Kinksters will love this Gold Whip Necklace this holiday season. Go undercover and wear to the office holiday party, then go home, fold it in half, and use it with your partner.


Wake Me Up In 2020 Blindfold

For the political kinkster on your list. Or really anyone. Aren't we all ready for 2020?



Your honey will know you're on the "naughty" list if you put this patent leather and silicone paddle in their stocking!



At 3.3 cm/1.3 inches at its widest, Romp is a great butt plug if you're just getting into butt stuff, or even if you're totally experienced, but want something a little more low key.


Oh! To Go Bag

The Oh! To Go Bag is the perfect sexy stocking stuffer for your sexually adventurous BFF. It contains everything you need for a one night stand: Zip Vibe, Jelly Lube, Clitoral Jolt Gel, G-Spot Stimulation Serum, Party Hat Condom, and Booshies Wipe, all in a cute little bag. And everything is travel sized, so it's also great for vacations!



Vibrators don't have to be expensive, as exemplified by the Bean, a vibrator that offers "both targeted and broad pleasure" and only costs $36.


Clitoral Jolt Gel

At $4, this is the least expensive sexy stocking stuffer on the list, but it might pack the biggest punch. This lube contains organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine to boost blood flow to the clit, dramatically changing masturbation or partnered play.


Cleo Bangle Handcuffs

These lovely gold bangles are also sweet handcuffs, complete with the phrase "There's freedom in restraint" engraved on the side. Perfect for the wine bar and the bedroom!



If your boo is looking to build their pelvic health, these Ben Wa balls are the sexy stocking stuffer of the year. Made of non-porous borosilicate glass, they're a great addition to any pelvic floor exercise routine.

There you have it — sexy stocking stuffers that won't break the break. They're truly the gifts that keep on giving.