13 Signs You’re Not Ready For A Pet Yet

Osadchaya Olga/Shutterstock

While there may never be a "perfect" time to get a pet, since life will always be some level of busy or stressful, it's still OK to admit you're not quite ready. Whether it's a dog, cat, hamster, or fish, a pet will require a lifestyle change, to one degree or another. And sometimes that's just not feasible.

"Owning a pet is a lot of work," veterinarian Dr. Adam Christman, tells Bustle. "They are just like having children. They have their own wants, needs, and expectations," all of which will require your attention. And many times, the change is a lot more than you were ready for.

It's important to make sure you're totally aware of what you're getting into, including how much time, money, and energy it will take up, as well as how it'll fit into your current life. If you just got a new job, for example, Dr. Christman says you might be a little too busy or distracted right now.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't or shouldn't get a pet in the future. Once you settle into your routine, save up money, make a plan, and really digest what it is you're committing to, you should feel free to get a pet and enjoy that new life. With that in mind, here are some signs you may not be quite there yet, according to experts.