13 Videos That Are Just As Satisfying To Watch As Pimple-Popping — But Without The Grossness

Picture it: you've fallen down the rabbit hole known as Dr. Pimple Popper. It started out innocently enough — you just wanted some mindless entertainment before bed. Four hours later, you're attempting to learn the proper way to extract a dilated pore of winer. Your friends are worried. Your family is concerned. Put the pore of winer away and come back to us with these 13 soothing videos to watch that will bring you back to the light.

If you're obsessed with these videos, know that it's nothing to be ashamed of. There's a concrete reason they make us feel so good, despite some of them being legitimately nausea-inducing. While the science behind it is more complex, in a nutshell, we love pimple popping videos because they build pressure and then provide a sense of relief — a mini roller coaster of emotions that never puts us in real danger.

Now, if watching Dr. Pimple Popper go after someone's back cyst brings us relief, might the same be said for other kinds of videos? Sure! For example, one study found watching cute cat videos can help you feel happier and less stressed. Samesies for nature videos: a study from the BBC, the makers of Planet Earth II, and the University of California Berkeley found these kinds of documentaries lead to greater happiness and less stress and anxiety.

If you need a break from pilar cysts and blackheads, here are 13 soothing videos that will have you chillin' out max.


This Squishy, Gooey, Satisfying Slime

Trust me: you want to take ten and a half minutes to watch this whole thing through. Yes, it starts off kind of basic; but later on, things get real. I don't want to give it away... but it involves glitter.


Mirror Glaze Cake Decorating

So magical. So shiny. And I could really go for a piece of cake right now. This shiny, reflective glaze will put your soul at peace.


Crayons Melting Up Close

Watch the colors as they swirl and mix. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Don't worry about staying inside the lines.


This Dog Drinking Water In Slow Motion

Um, wait. Did anybody else know their tongues curl under and not over?! Groundbreaking! Also, the sound of the water makes me want to take a nap.


This Artist's Bubble Magic

Can we please talk about this? These don't look anything like the bubbles I used to blow as a kid. The skills. The talent. The music. I think I found my new best friend.


Chocolate Candy Making

BRB gonna go cry a minute.


Melting Cheese

Everything is better with cheese; and this melted raclette will make all your troubles a distant memory. So satisfying.


A Selfie A Day For 7 Years

Aside from literally watching this kid grow up in front of your eyes, you might also find this video oddly calming.


3D Pen Art

It starts as a little blob and ends as a gorgeous tree. Yes.


Flawless Coffee Art

Too pretty to drink, but everyone's just here for the soothing coffee magic anyway. Super relaxing (and major Instagram goals).



I didn't know it was physically possible for anyone to have this steady of a hand, but mucho thanks to these people for the soothing writing skills.


These Expert Pottery Skills

Teach us your ways, kind sir. Isn't your life infinitely better after seven minutes of this? (Yes.)


Hand-Carved Candles

The real action starts about three minutes in, and this mesmerizing video of this gal crafting ornate candles will totally help you chill out. (Side note: does anyone actually burn these afterward, because WHY?)