13 Sports Movies On Netflix To Inspire You

When you've had a week from hell, you might need someone or something in your life that can motivate you to keep going. Luckily, there are a slew of sports movies on Netflix that will inspire you to get moving, and pick you up while you're just trying to get past the obstacles of each day. You'll take some joy in watching characters get sweet revenge on their biggest fears and underdogs find unlikely victories. In other words, these movies are just what you need during a week that's been kicking your butt.

Whether you're an athlete or not, these sports movies will inspire you to not give up and give everything you're all. I'll be honest, I sucked at sports growing up. I couldn't really get down with any of it, but looking back, there were plenty of lessons to be had about giving it my best shot no matter what talent I did or did not have. I started comparing sports to life's games, plays, and practices, and it really helped me overall. Maybe sports themselves weren't for me but I can definitely appreciate the fundamental lessons in patience, endurance and teamwork that these 13 athletics-centered movies teach us:


'Million Dollar Baby'

A resilient female boxer gets support from a tough but determined coach.



A teenager who's trying to be someone the world can look up to trains to be one of the first female boxers to enter the Olympics.


'Eddie: Strongman'

Eddie wants to be the strongest man on the planet, but grapples with losing his family along the way.


'Trouble With The Curve'

A baseball scout played by Clint Eastwood takes one more swing at recruiting for a solid baseball team.


'Losing Sight Of The Shore'

Four women brave the Pacific Ocean by rowing from America to Australia in a remarkable journey that challenges their own limits.


'Impossible Dreamers'

This film follows senior pro and amateur athletes who train for a competition. This one is sure to jolt your motivation into high gear.


'Lucha Mexico'

Real life superheroes in Mexico enter the ring for a spectacle audiences will never forget.


'Game Face'

Transgender and gay athletes use their platform in sports to confront their oppressions both professionally and personally.


'Pumping Iron'

Arnold shows us his training regimen for the 6th Mr. Olympia title and how professional bodybuilding became a huge part of athletic culture.


'Personal Gold'

The women of the U.S. Olympic Track Cycling Team compete in a personal and professional challenge to get to the gold at the 2012 London Olympics.


'Soccer City'

Five soccer players in South Africa brace themselves for the first World Cup in their country by celebrating the sport and explaining its importance for their struggling township.


'Sunshine Superman'

Carl Boenish created BASE jumping, an air defying sport that no one was ready to accept as sane.


'Journey To Le Mans'

A British privateer team pushed their "motor" skills by competing in the most prestigious race in the world.

Each movie on this list will inspire you to persist. Whether you're athletic or not, you'll be able to feel inspired by these athletes' obstacles and ready to tackle some of your own.