13 Squirrel Appreciation Day Tweets You Deserve On Your Timeline Right Now

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Of all of the holidays in the holiday calendar, this is definitely one of the most niche — and the most adorable. January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Really. It's a day to celebrate the wonder and grandeur of our little silver and red friends, so the world has taken to Twitter to share some adorable pictures of squirrels in action. It's a great day for it, because today also happens to be Blue Monday, which is statistically the most depressing day of the year — so some critter friends are a welcome antidote to those January blues.

Even if you consider yourself a squirrel aficionado, you may find that squirrels are more complicated creatures than meet the eye. There are three main categories of squirrels — tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels. But these groups are actually broken down into many, many more types of squirrels, including Albino, Mountain Tree, Antelope, Spotted, Grey, American Red, Douglas, Fox, Pygmy, Northern Flying, Southern, Arizona Gray, Idaho, Arctic Ground, Albert’s, Franklin, Richardson, Rock, White, and Black squirrels. That's a whole lot of squirrel variety. You can find them all around the world (except for Antarctica and Australia).

You're probably familiar with squirrels nibbling away on nuts and acorns, that's because they have four teeth in front that continue to grow for their entire lives. They can never wear down. So don't get bitten by a squirrel, please — they're basically professional biters.

But if you're at a safe distance, you may be able to catch some of these adorable little creatures on camera. For now, you can revel in the joy of these National Squirrel Appreciation Day tweets, because these bundles of fluff are downright photogenic.


This Poser

If this squirrel isn't featured in next year's Victoria's Secret runway show, is there even a point in watching?


This Frisky Friend

Ears at attention — eyes at the ready.


This Baby Montage

They are SO LITTLE and fluffy and if you're wondering if you can legally adopt a squirrel then you are not alone.


This Best Friendship

Do not try this at home. You probably won't, but definitely don't.


This Pair Of Cuties

You heard them, people. Hazelnuts, strawberries, and apples at the ready.


This Well Kept Friend

That squirrel has a nicer home than any of us.


This Troublemaker

Sorry, birds. The squirrel is king of your food now — you can bend the knee and get the seeds if you swear your allegiance to the one true king.


This Determination

This squirrel doesn't definitely have murder in its eyes... but it might have murder in its eyes.


This Hungry Specimen

SQUIRRELS LOVE BREAD. That teeny, tiny bird doesn't look 100 percent real, but let's all believe in it anyway.


This Party Animal

Chester, come over any time.


This Innovation

A squirrel with a wine bowtie — a wine bowtie. This is not a drill.


This Squirrel Taken By Surprise

This squirrel was not ready for its close up, but worked it anyway.


This Cultured Squirrel

Make sure to read that blurb in full — the golden age of squirrel ownership. How can we imagine such a magical, beautiful time? Picture, if you will, walking your squirrel on its gold chain around the park. Living the dream.


Bonus: This Almost-Squirrel

What's better than squirrels? HARRY POTTER SQUIRREL PUNS.

January can be a blue month, so let yourself ride away on a wave of adorable squirrel pictures. Out with Blue Monday, long live National Squirrel Appreciation Day — the most joyful day of the year.