The 13 Weirdest Underwear You Never Knew You Needed

by Taylor Fuller

Most of us have that fun pair of underwear stuffed in alongside our more practical pairs, but for a clothing item that gets worn almost every day, wouldn’t it be nice if it pulled a little more weight in your wardrobe? I’m talking super functional, extra comfortable underwear that are kind of a little weird. And it’s out there! Amazon — home of everything that is unusual and wonderful — has a slew of strange but genius underwear that you never even knew you needed. And there is something for everyone.

Wearing a super tight dress? There are panties for that. Traveling and don’t want to worry about your valuables? Stick them into a zippered pocket in your undies. Are you a runner, yogi, or kick boxer? You can find underwear that’s designed specifically for workouts. Heavy period? You guessed it, there is a pair of underwear that can help you with that, too. Want a pair of underwear with a cushioned seat? That’s right, you can actually purchase a pair of padded panties.

No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to your undergarments, there are undies out there for you. So toss out those old tattered whitey tightys and add a few of these bizarre briefs to your top drawer.


Make Your Period A Little Less Stressful

Intimate Portal Total Leak Proof Protective Briefs - Three Pack (Sizes S-6XL), $15-$37, Amazon

Periods can be stressful, so put yourself at ease with a pair of panties that prevents leaks. This pair has frontal and full rear leak proof protection to help with overflow from tampons or pads, so you can say goodbye to stains. The multifunctional panties also have a pocket for a heating pad or spare period supplies.


Keep Your Valuables Safe While You Travel With Secret Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Underwear With Secret Pocket (Sizes XS-3XL), $30, Amazon

As an avid traveler I can get behind these undies for overnight trains, bus trips, or long layovers at the airport when you want to keep your valuables secure. They have pockets that can fit your passport, cash, credit cards, keys, and even your cellphone. The pockets are both lined and zippered so you know your belongings will be safe.


Super Stretchy Panties For When You Need Them

MyGxR Briefs (Sizes 7-9 Plus, 10-12 Plus), $18-$19, Amazon

Stretchy panties are great for the days when you don’t want to be wearing anything super tight. The bamboo microfiber panties are highly breathable, soft, and super stretchy. The bamboo fabric even has antibacterial properties.


Add Some Oomph To Your Look

La Reve Butt Lifter Padded Panty (Sizes S-L), $10-$15, Amazon

Skip squatting and lift and shape your backside with butt padded undies. The removable butt lifting pads can be placed into individual pockets on the outside of the panties, and they're designed to look good under any fabric or type of clothing. But I think the real question here is: will the cushioned seat make sitting more comfortable? I'd like to think the answer is yes.


Filter Your Farts With A High-Tech Pair Of Panties

Flatulence Filtering Briefs (Sizes XS-XL), $38, Amazon

Filter your farts with a pair of underwear that uses the same carbon filter that’s used in chemical warfare suits. The undies feature a "Zorflex” activated carbon panel in the back. The material is very porous so it traps and neutralizes the odor before it can escape and fill the room.


Easy To Remove Underwear

Slick Chicks Bikini Brief Panty (Sizes XS-XXL), $26, Amazon

Slick Chicks panties makes changing underwear easier. The underwear, which was designed with pregnant women, older women, and women with disabilities in mind, has two side fasteners that make changing simpler and faster. Instead of having to bend down to slip on a pair of panties, you can fasten them around your waist. Young and able-bodied? You'll be glad you have these if you ever break or sprain a limb — believe me.


Always The Right Temperature, No Matter What

Hanes X-Temp Constant Comfort Hipster Panty - Three Pack (Sizes 5-9), $10-$16, Amazon

Whether you’re heating up or cooling down, these hipster panties have got you covered. Made with X-Temp technology, the fabric can adapt to your temperature and activity. If you’re getting hot, it wicks away moisture from skin for quick evaporation. If you’re getting cold, the cooling slows down, allowing your body to hold heat longer.


Prevent Chaffing With Underwear Shorts

Jockey Underwear Skimmies Wicking Slipshort (Sizes S-XXL), $15-$33, Amazon

Prevent chafing from happening with a pair of slipshorts. They’re perfect to wear under activewear or your regular, everyday clothes. The seamfree undies have longer legs and wide bands which help get chafing under control and keep them in place. They’re made with quick drying microfiber and mesh panels to keep you cool and dry all day.


Pinch Free Panties

Warner’s No Pinching. No Problems. Hi-Cut Brief Panty (Sizes S-2X Plus), $6-$47, Amazon

No pinching means no problems with this pair of underwear. The wide waistband and full coverage won’t cut into your waist, allowing you to feel more comfortable. They come in eight different colors and are made with a silky microfiber that feels great against skin.


No More Stubborn Pantylines

Three Pack Invisibles Hipster Panty (Sizes S-XL), $15-$33, Amazon

Keep pantylines hidden under clothes with a pair of seamless undies. The three pack comes in a variety of colors and prints so you can find the one that will stay invisible under your outfit. Plus they’re tagless so they won’t only look invisible, but they’ll feel that way too.


Stay Dry And Comfortable While You Workout

New Balance Breathe Thong Panty (Sizes S-XL), $9-$14, Amazon

Hit the gym in a pair of underwear that works as hard as you do. A pair of moisture wicking underwear will dry quickly, preventing bacterial growth and keep you comfortable. These are made out of breathable mesh and are also seamless so they won’t show through your leggings. They have a four-way stretch which allows you to move the way you want, making them perfect for yoga or pilates.


Don’t Judge This Pair Of Performance Underwear On Looks

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Lacy Thong (Sizes XS-XL), $14-$20, Amazon

There’s more to this pair of lacy underwear than meets the eye. The highly breathable panties are made with an antimicrobial that helps eliminate odor-casing bacteria in fabric. Plus they’re quick drying, which makes them excellent travel panties, you can wash them in the sink, dry them overnight, and wear them the next day.


Find Unmatched Comfort With Bamboo Undies

Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear G-String (Sizes S/M-M/L), $11-$25, Amazon

Finally, a super comfortable thong. Made out of bamboo fabric, the smooth and hypoallergenic undies won’t irritate skin and they won’t ride up. Plus, they’re moisture-wicking, breathable, and great at regulating body temperature.

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