The Most Unforgettable Summer & Marissa Moments


In the pantheon of CW teen female friendships, there are few bonds quite like that of Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts. OK, there are Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, whose friendship is literally just the New York version of the O.C. characters' bond, but other than that, it's a very special dynamic. Cut too short by (spoiler alert for a decade-old show) Marissa's untimely death, the beautiful besties still fit in a lot of support, a bit of bickering, and a lot of underage drinking over the course of three seasons.

And isn't it about time we relive the glory days of Coop and Sum? I guess you could try to sort through the full-length, high quality offerings on Hulu, but why waste 30 seconds doing that? Instead, I've rounded up some Marissa and Summer moments that helped define their O.C. relationship. I've included it all: the good, the bad, and even the somewhat mundane (how many times did these two try on clothes and talk about boys and make it seem compelling?). These images, and the timeless lines that come with them, are permanently etched in fans' mind, so read on to relive some of the unforgettable little O.C. moments between Marissa and Summer.


The Time They Bonded Over Booze At The Fashion Show

This is, in my opinion, the first substantial flash we get of their friendship and who they are as young women. Summer, having copped glasses of champagne from the grown-ups, is giddy from her slight act of delinquency. Marissa, meanwhile, is low-key about hijacking a bottle of vodka. Cheers!


Their Shirtless Chat

The distinguishing factor of this one is that Summer is wandering around Marissa's room in her (very cute) bra, showing that her comfort levels in Marissa's room are very, very high. What's also interesting, though, is that you see how young and innocent everyone is, and it reminds you that everything has yet to change. Marissa's still with Luke, and Summer is dismissing Ryan as "that Chino guy." Seth comes over gobsmacked at the sight of a half-naked Summer, who's skeeved out. And Marissa dismissively scoots Seth away by ad-libbing, "What’s that Seth, you say you need a ride to a Star Wars convention?"

Simpler times.


When Summer Chases After A Heartbroken Marissa In Tijuana

Marissa runs off after catching Luke and Holly playing tonsil hockey and Summer is the one to find her, all tear-stained and mortified. Summer, for her part, is trying to be a great friend, but this all goes to hell once Marissa finds those pills in her bag. Oops.


Their Finest Poolside Chat

You could probably just have an entire series made up of Summer and Marissa lamenting their boy problems in front of bodies of water. This one, which pretty much kicks off Season 2, catches us up to all the new men in their lives, and unpack all their baggage from last season. Again, we get a sense of who they are as people when Summer gags at a "Newport Iced Tea" with "This is 10 o’clock in the morning, it’s a little early," and Marissa responds, "For who?" God.


The Nose-Grazing Conversation, Guest-Starring Princess Sparkle

Really they should've made Princess Sparkle a Season 4 regular instead of Taylor, but oh well.


When Marissa Confesses About Alex

Marissa's mid-seasons sweeps hook-up is more lightly amusing to Summer than anything. Sure, she dons a slightly furrowed brow (and it's a warranted slightly furrowed brow, her best friend of a decade is making out with a chick) but otherwise, very accepting. "Well, she is pretty hot," Summer says.


The Time They Loved 'Bring It On' As Much As You & Then Volchok Ruined It

They do the little cheer. It's very cute.


The Two Nearly-Step-Sisters Duel Over Breakfast

Over crossaints, jam... what is this, by the way? You're not going to tell me that Julie Cooper set up this spread, are you? Anyway, it's first-rate passive-aggression.


When Summer Says She'll Forcibly Keep Marissa With Her

She means it, too. "I’ll restrain you if I have to. You may be tall, but I am wiry and I have Ryan on my side," Summer says defiantly. Bless.


The Parking Lot Brawl

Marissa's ruining her life (again), and she and Summer have a brawl. Marissa tells Summer to just get in her beamer and drive back to daddy's mansion with her emo boyfriend (sick burn?). And Summer tells her to go back to one of her heavy metal vomit party (sicker burn?). It's kind of darkly comical with the way they're tripping over their words in this argument.


When Summer Gifts Marissa Her Berkeley Sweatshirt

All wrapped up in a pretty pink bow, with Summer declaring, "I bought this a few months ago. Looks like somebody believed in you." Stop. Bonus points for the heart-to-heart leading up to the moment, which features the immortal exchange, "Remember when the boys made us watch that movie about the gay guys on the mountain?" "Lord of the Rings?"


And How Marissa Crawls Into Bed With A Crying Summer After Her Temporary Seth Breakup

Summer's so emotionally wrecked she destroys her college vision board. Awww, bb. In contrast to previous moment, words are not needed here. The gesture is poignant enough.


And Of Course, That Final, Final Goodbye

They'll always be best friends. I'm sure Marissa's just up there by the big pool in the sky, waiting for Sum to join her for a Newport Iced Tea.