Bibiana’s Instagram Proves The ‘Bachelor’ Star Is Super Chill IRL


Some women have definitely made an early splash on this season of The Bachelor. Bibiana is one of them. The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader has quickly become a fan favorite after making it clear that she was not about to put up with what she deemed unfair behavior from Krystal, another contestant on the show. Bibiana wasted no time making a name for herself as a funny, relatable and down-to-earth contestant in a setting where those aren't always easy to come by. Bibiana's Instagram reveals lots of fun details about her real life to new fans who need to know more.

But first, back to that fateful Bachelor (producer: Natalie Shabtai, 14 episodes) night: After Krystal, who had already received a rose, found it necessary to steal Arie away several times throughout the night, as other women — including Bibiana — were trying to get in some necessary face time, Bibiana did not hesitate to tell her what she thought.

Not only did Bibiana give us some much needed drama in an otherwise so-so episode, but it was drama that was justified. She didn't seem like she was creating conflict for the sake of conflict — she seemed like she was legitimately angry over something based on her innate sense of right and wrong. Sure, it was still an issue of who got to talk to a guy the most, but still, she was standing up for something. But Bibiana is more than just a woman who knows how to stand up for herself. Here's her deal, as seen on her social media:

She Travels The World

Bibiana doesn't have a ton of pictures on her feed, but those that she does have show a life of travel and adventure, and one she evidently doesn't take for granted. "Practicing thankfulness & gratitude for every moment I'm living now," she wrote in one caption.

She's a Self-Proclaimed Bookworm

This photo is the stuff of book lovers' dreams. Apparently taken inside a bookstore in Greece during some of Bibiana's travels, this lovely shop sheds some light on Bibiana's personality. "I could get lost in here for hours," she wrote.

She's A Swimmer At Heart

So many of Bibiana's photos show her wading through sparkling water or swimming laps in luxurious hotel pools — it seems like she can't keep herself away from the water for long, which makes sense, given her hometown sits right on the beach.

Boats Are A Regular Hangout For Her

I mean, look at this photo. I want this framed on my wall. If Bibiana isn't lounging on a boat herself, she's taking beautiful photos of the ones surrounding her.

She's Up For A Hike

You can't be in mountains that pretty and not at least attempt to scale one. She's looking pretty triumphant as she perches at this gorgeous vantage point. Given her athletic background, she should plan on excelling at any physical competition on the show.

She Enjoys A Good Drink

Bibiana is just like us regular folk in this regard — posing for artistic photos with a glass of white wine in hand. She flaunts her fair share of cocktails on her Instagram, proving that she could definitely hang with those of us who like to cork a bottle when watching The Bachelor.

She Has A Reliable Group Of Girlfriends By Her Side

Though she's solo in a lot of her photos, she's just as frequently in a group of vacationing gals, proving that she's got a huge support system rooting for her during her time on The Bachelor.

She's Really Into Food...

"I feel the sexiest when I'm eating," Bibiana captioned this photo. OK, if she wasn't your favorite already, she definitely should be now.

...And Isn't Ashamed To Instagram It

At this point, what is anybody doing without brunch photos on their Instagram feed? Bibiana is no exception, posting this classy tray from yet another vacation. "I'm on vacation," she wrote in a reply to a comment on the above photo. "Don't judge me.

She Can Rock A Pair Of Converse

She's not always in stilettos and sparkly shoes — sometimes she opts for comfort with a tried and true pair of sneakers.

She Flaunts Her Athletic Skills

She's no stranger to acrobatics given her cheerleader history, but it seems like Bibiana is always climbing something — even if it's a tightrope tied to a tree in this stylish black-and-white photo that looks like it could've been lifted out of a 1970s college yearbook.

She Snowboards, Too

Though she's usually photographed in warmer climates, strolling through lagoons or laying under the sun, Bibiana apparently isn't afraid of a little more of a chill. She's apparently also known to hit the slopes, like in this throwback photo posted in February.

She's Not Afraid To Be Single

She may have agreed to appear on The Bachelor in hopes that Arie is her soulmate, but she's been vocal on the show about the fact that she has to get to know him first in order to know if he's truly right for her. It seems that Bibiana is just as secure being single as she is in a relationship, and isn't necessarily trying to force a relationship — well, as much as you can not try to force a relationship while appearing on a dating show. "Someone told me yesterday was "singles" day," she captioned the above photo from November 2016. "I don't think a day is enough, so cheers to celebrating me all weekend."

Bibiana remains a bit of a mystery, given that most of her photos share a common theme — travel. But, judging by how open and honest she's been in her short time on The Bachelor, viewers are sure to learn more as time goes on.