14 Cute, Subtle Nods To 'Friends' You Can Put In Your Wedding

by Megan Grant

"So no one told you life was gonna be this waaaaay!" You know how the rest goes. Friends changed the way TV does comedy, and long after the show ended, we can still get comfortable on the coach and easily put away an entire season in one night. If you're a diehard fan of the show and you also happen to be getting hitched soon, keep reading for 14 Friends things you can buy for a wedding.

Filming may have stopped, but our love for Friends certainly hasn't. Case in point: Pottery Barn's Friends collection that comes complete with Central Perk mugs and even an apothecary table.

It doesn't end there. Spend just a few minutes on Etsy and you'll find all kinds of apparel and even Friends home decor that you can purchase with just a few clicks on your mouse.

The show was one of a kind. It taught us about true friendship and to this day, has us questioning how two women could ever afford an apartment of that size in New York. (That's what we call "TV magic.")

If Friends made a real impression on you and you want to make it part of your big day, here are 14 things on Etsy you'll probably want to check out.


Advice Cards

"He's her lobster!" More precious words were never spoken. At your wedding, give other couples the opportunity to share their words of wisdom for a happy marriage, with these advice cards. Sold by DiGregorioDesigns.


Cupcake Toppers

If you're serving cupcakes on the dessert table, jazz them up with these Friends themed cupcake toppers. Sold by MySweetCottonDesign.


Wine Labels

Personalized wine labels are an excellent way to add a truly special touch to your big day. And if you're a Friends fan, these are ideal for you. Sold by CoconutGarden.


Photo Backdrop

Your guests will take countless photos in front of this themed backdrop. Think of all the beautiful memories you'll have of your wedding day. Sold by PaperRamma.


Shot Glass

When it's time for everyone to take a shot and cheers to your nuptials, do it with these Friends shot glasses. Sold by DesignsbyLindaNeeToo.



Spice up the walls of your wedding venue with this personalized banner created in the iconic Friends font. Sold by Rangeelaink.


Wine Glasses

When you and your new spouse enjoy your first sip of wine as newlyweds, do it with these customized wine glasses. Sold by Glassrare.


Cake Topper

Before you cut the cake, add this "He's her lobster" cake topper that is oh-so-perfect for a Friends-themed wedding. Sold by ChristisCustomVinyl.


Guest Book

Swap a traditional guest book out for something a little more personalized and catering to your taste. Sold by CraftByOwl.



Can you think of anything better than having your loved ones toss Friends confetti at you as you walk hand-in-hand as newlyweds for the first time? Me either. Sold by Rangeelaink.


Gift Bags

Send your friends and family off with all kinds of cool goodies and favors tucked away in these gift bags. Sold by YouveGotThisintheBag.


Wall Decal

It remains the greatest coffee shop in TV history, and now you can have a little piece of it at your wedding. Sold by DecalBaby.


Picture Board

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, friendship, and all the special people in your life. This picture board will make the perfect addition to your venue. Sold by ArdentAnns.


Customized Bags

These bags are perfect for the Friends lover and can even be reused. What a wonderful memory! Sold by becollective.