14 Movies To Watch If You Love Feud

by Kayleigh Hughes

When you really love a television show, it's hard to wait week to week to see where it goes next. Like starting a new relationship or craving a therapy session, you end up counting down the days until your next meeting. For many people, this is the case with Ryan Murphy's latest hit series, Feud, which features outstanding performances from Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. If you've been spending the better part of the Monday after each Sunday broadcast of the show searching for something that'll catch your attention the same way the series does, then check out some of these movies to watch if you can't get enough of Feud.

There are a lot of elements of the show that make it so fascinating to watch. There's Sarandon and Lange's incredible work, all of the awesome supporting characters, the real complexity of Davis and Crawford as actors and semi-rivals, the fascinating era of early-'60s film, and the larger concepts of the chaotic scheming and frustrating politics that come with working in the movie industry, no matter the era. If you're obsessed with watching movies that touch of any of those subjects, turn to the the ones below.


'Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?'

I mean, I assume you've watched this by now. Right? But maybe you haven't, for whatever reason, and need a reminder of what the final product of all the onset drama from Feud really looked like. It will be worth it.

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Warner Bros. Pictures

This 1938 film is largely regarded as one of Bette Davis' best performances, and she won one of her two Oscars for her role in it as a misbehaving Southern belle.

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'Mildred Pierce'

This is the film for which Joan Crawford herself won an Oscar, for playing a single mother of two daughters who is being investigated after the death of her second husband. It's an iconic film noir that everyone needs to see.

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'Mommie Dearest'

Crawford's narcissism and rage were highlighted in the plot of Feud, and the film made based on her daughter Christina's memoir, in which her daughter details years of abuse, is a must-watch.

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If you love watching Sarandon dig into a role, this one is a no-brainer. The actor is devastatingly perfect as a woman trying to cope with the addition of Julia Roberts' stepmom into her children's lives, all while battling cancer. Her performance will break you.

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'King Kong'

Paramount Pictures

If Feud made you love Lange, you must watch some of her classics, including the 1976 King Kong. She's pretty iconic.

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'Maps To The Stars'

This is a David Cronenberg work, so beware: it's real weird and eerie. But it tackles the bizarreness of Hollywood and the behind-the-scenes challenges of being a woman in the industry, which makes it a nice dark pairing with Feud. Julianne Moore, for example, plays a fading star who is desperately trying to win the role of her own mother, who abused her. If you can handle the darkness, it's so worth it.

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'The Devil Wears Prada'

Stanley Tucci as Jack Warner on Feud is an utter delight. If you can't get enough of Tucci, may I recommend The Devil Wears Prada. Tucci steals the show in this incisive, darkly funny examination of the world of fashion magazines.

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'Julie & Julia'

Tucci strikes again, with Meryl Streep, again. If you loved the way Feud highlighting the complexity and experiences of talented older women, you will love Meryl Streep's portrayal of iconic, take-no-crap chef Julia Child. Tucci plays her ever-loyal husband.

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'Hail, Caesar!'

This Coen brothers adventure into Hollywood filmmaking in the 1950s, with its loose interpretation of studio executive Eddie Mannix, is delightful and odd.

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'The Witches Of Eastwick'

Turn to The Witches of Eastwick for amazing Hollywood power players Sarandon, Cher, and Michelle Pfeiffer celebrating their womanhood and embracing their powers as witches.

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Universal Pictures

Jessica Lange plays the hell out of her role in this biopic as Frances Farmer, an American actor dealing with the struggles of the industry and her painful personal life. She was nominated for an Oscar for her work in the film, which addresses a lot of the same issues of being a woman in Hollywood as Feud does.

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'Singin' In The Rain'

This one kind of speaks for itself. If you're obsessed with Old Hollywood as a general concept, and would rather just enjoy the majesty of it now and then, turn always to Singin' in the Rain.

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'Eat Pray Love'

If you're a big fan of Feud director Ryan Murphy's work, you'll want to check out Eat Pray Love, which he also directed. I'm not going to tell you it's as self-aware as Feud, or as advanced or as fully-formed. But despite its flaws it's surprisingly affecting and very fun.

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Hopefully these will tide you over until the next installment of Feud.