14 Netflix Movies That Make First Dates Better, From ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ To ‘Bee Movie’

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The classic first date for a long time has been dinner and a movie. Eat some food, watch a flick, have some pleasant conversation, and there you have it: a date. But going to the movies is so outrageously expensive these days that you're probably better off ordering takeout and watching a movie at home, which is why I've compiled this list of 14 Netflix movies that make first dates better.

Think about it, your choice of first date movie can make or break the date, and you don't want to make the wrong choice. For example, if you select, say, The Human Centipede, odds are your date will be convinced you've drugged the food and will murder them before the night is through. The 14 films below are all safe bets that won't send your date running away in terror, but will tell you some things about them. For instance, does your date have a good sense of humor? Are they a romantic? Do they appreciate culture and the classics? How's their taste in music? Are they openminded? You'll find answers to all of these questions in the movies below, along with some films that might help you and your date bond in other ways. So take a look at these Netflix first date selections that may result in chilling.

1. 'Moonrise Kingdom'

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It's a romance, but it's not super gushy. You'll both appreciate its quirks.

2. 'Across The Universe'

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Who doesn't want a first date soundtrack that's entirely made up of Beatles songs?

3. 'Southside With You'

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The Obamas' romance is awfully charming, and you and your date might just fall under its spell.

4. 'Fantasia'


You'll want to make sure your date can appreciate the classics.

5. 'Mean Girls'

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This is a great litmus test for your date's sense of humor.

6. 'The Incredible Jessica James'

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Modern romance is complicated, so temper your expectations with this.

7. 'Moana'

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This is just an inspiring movie that will have you and your date feeling on top of the world.

8. 'The Mighty Ducks'

The Shape on YouTube

Relish in you and your date's shared '90s nostalgia.

9. 'The Prestige'

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What better way to stimulate some philosophical post-movie conversation than with a twisty, turny Christopher Nolan movie?

10. 'Coraline'

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This weird and dark flick is a good way to test your date's willingness to try new things.

11. 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

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If you want to go with the old standby of a horror movie for the first date, you might as well stick with one of the classics.

12. 'The Little Prince'

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Crying together is a good bonding experience, right?

13. 'Chicago'

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Since the movie is based on the Broadway musical, you get an added dose of culture for your night in.

14. 'Bee Movie'

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No one ever said you have to watch a good movie. Sometimes it's best to watch a bad movie on a first date, that way you can make fun of it together.

With this list, you now have no reason to go to the movie theater for your next 14 dates. Your welcome.