14 Punny People's Climate March Sign Ideas

With the People's Climate March quickly approaching, protesters are preparing for the April 29 event all over the world. If you're planning on attending a march and want your voice to be heard, these punny People's Climate March sign ideas will help get the creative juices flowing. While the main event is in Washington D.C., sister marches are being held in various locations around the world. You can head to the Peoples Climate Movement website to see where the closest climate march is; and don't forget that if there isn't one close by, you can host your own.

While it was only recently introduced in 2014, the People's Climate March has quickly garnered an enormous following; and the timing couldn't be more perfect. This year, our efforts are needed more than ever, as the Trump administration works to pass actions that harm the safety and security of our beautiful planet, and thus, of human beings everywhere. If you care about climate change, air that's safe to breathe, clean drinking water, and our future generations, the People's Climate March is for you.

Find a local march? Check. Round up some friends? Check. Make a punny sign? Here are some People's Climate March sign ideas to help get you started.

We Have No Back-Up Plan(et)
Even This Microwave Gets It

But not the president.

Rise Up
Don't Let It Melt

Ice cream isn't the only melting we should be concerned with.

March For Your Life

All of our lives depend on it.

Breaking News

They have a really important message.

Hottie Of The Year Winner

Slightly inappropriate, although true.

Tell POTUS To Put A Cork In It

I'm sorry, Donald. We can't hear you!

Hot As Balls

Everyone — and everything — suffers.

Roots Make It Grow Stronger

Grow the resistance!

A Lot Of Things Are Melting

I mean, yes, the ice cream is sad, but the Earth is literally life-threatening, so... maybe we need to re-examine our priorities.

Lies Hidden In Truth

You have to look more closely.

Love, Mother

Probably not the first time you've heard it, either.

Stop Denying Climate Science

Whether you like to admit it or not, you cannot walk on water. Also, here is your reminder that science and religion can exist simultaneously. Take it from the Pope.