17 Powerful People's Climate March Sign Ideas

On April 22, people rallied together for the March For Science; exactly one week later, we'll join forces in the name of stopping climate change. The Peoples Climate Movement will protest in defense of climate, jobs, and research; and if you want to join the marches and show your support, these powerful People's Climate March sign ideas are a good place to start thinking.

The Peoples Climate Movement made a name for itself on Sept. 21, 2014, just before the UN Climate Summit. 400,000 people marched the streets of New York City to demand action in regards to the global climate crisis.

The attacks on our climate, air, and water have hit somewhat of an apex, with job roles being eliminated, agencies being dismantled, and budgets getting slashed. The health of our planet — and thus, every human being and future generation — is at risk. There is power in numbers; and by combining forces, we've been able to at least stall some of the Trump administration's terrifying plans of action. This coming Saturday, it's time to do it again.

The current administration may deny climate change, but you can't ignore science. We must continue to demand a clean energy economy and protect every human's right to a safe world. Here are 18 powerful ways to fight climate change.

1. Climate Change Is Not A Hoax

Dario Navarro on Twitter

Making changes for the better is never pointless.

2. We Need The EPA

Climate Reality on Twitter

So much of what we take for granted is because of agencies like this. (Now if only we had someone other than Scott Pruitt leading it...)

3. Think Of Others

April Spivey on Twitter

Are we really comfortable sitting by idly while we destroy the homes of other living, breathing creatures?

4. Common Ground

Racing Extinction on Twitter

We have many differences, which often pit us against each other... but there is one thing we all share.

5. What A View

Gail Bichler on Twitter

Is this what you want to see every morning when you step out the front door?

6. There Is No Difference

Climate Reality on Twitter

Clean or dirty, it's all dangerous.

7. Our Only Options

Agent Carter 💥 on Twitter

Neither one looks too appealing.

8. The Aftermath

Climate Nexus on Twitter

It affects everybody.

9. The Almighty Dollar

Arik Ring on Twitter

Harming the planet isn't worth all the money in the world.

10. Our Children's Future

NYT Magazine on Twitter

What will we tell them?

11. Listen To Bernie

MiamiGator🔥 on Twitter

There are still politicians on our side.

12. Not Every Creature Has A Voice

EnviroNews USA on Twitter

Some beings can't speak up; so we must speak for them.

13. Now Do You Believe In Climate Change?

WeHearVoicesOutThere on Twitter

What's it going to take?

14. Canaries Have Known All Along

Allan Margolin on Twitter

We need to listen to nature.

15. Politicians Discussing Global Warming

Xavvypls on Twitter

Funny, but true.

16. Our Lives Are At Stake

Anne-Maria Yritys™ on Twitter

We can't live without water and air. Shouldn't we care about them more?

17. What About The Animals?

Eco Planet Media on Twitter

Imagine it were a child. That's what we're up against.