14 Memes Of The Cutest, Floofiest Puppers — So You Can Adequately Celebrate National Puppy Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a dog person, likely every day feels like some kind of special dog appreciation day. But for the rest of the world, Fri., Mar. 23 is National Puppy Day. The national holiday is observed to not only celebrate puppies, but to support adoption efforts, as well as educate potential dog owners about the dangers of getting dogs from inhumane breeders and puppy mills. Celebrated nationally since 2006, the holiday gives us a great excuse of course to think about and talk about puppies — but it also reminds us of the work we still have to do to change the way we as a nation obtain dogs. One way to observe the day productively is to share a puppy meme on National Puppy Day that attracts people's attention with its cuteness, but also spreads the very important word of the holiday.

Each year, over two million dogs are bred in puppy mills, while another 1.3 million dogs are put down in shelters after not being adopted. The math is simple: there are more than enough dogs for potential dog owners, and the more anyone supports puppy mills by buying their dogs, the more we support the unethical, inhumane industry of commercial dog breeding.

So while National Puppy Day is definitely about all things cute and fluffy, it's also a day that comes with a call to action and gives us all an opportunity to use our platforms to speak out about the social and humanitarian responsibility we have to our beloved dogs, and the importance of supporting animal shelters.

Here are a few adorable dog memes you can post on the day of to catch people's attention about the day:


Trust me, dog lovers are always aware of dogs, and they're not worried. They're excited.


TFW you're having a rough day and you see a picture of a puppy and your entire mood changes and suddenly you realize that everything's going to be OK.

It Me!

When you find that pup that really knows what a good boy he is, but doesn't mind the affirmation — you're so happy to give it.

Yu R!!!

If you're ever looking to be entertained or to entertain a dog, hang out with a dog in front of a mirror and watch the wonderment take over their furry little brains. One of two things will happen: it will love its reflection and try to play with it, or it will lose its mind and try to attack it. Both options are fun to experience.

Same Tho

You'd be cruel to pick just one! How could you separate a squad like this!? The gang stays together!

Puppies + Pizza

The combination of puppies and pizza on a beach is literally too much to wrap my brain around. There's literally too much goodness.

Puppy Rage

TFW you get home to find your dog has rearranged the contents of the house and also perhaps the garbage, but you can't get mad because cuteness.

Puppy Expressions FTW

I mean seriously, have you ever seen a dog so expressive?!

Marking Territory

Dogs don't have that much to do, so if you're a pet owner, you also probably allow your dog to pee 100 times on a single walk so that it can mark its territory and feel important.

That Look Tho

You know your dog is innocent if there's a mess and they can look you in the eye — any pet owner knows that. Dogs are very bad at guilt.

When They Know

When you meet a dog that has more confidence than you do and you feel inspired to be your best self after petting them.

All Of Us

This is actual footage of what I look like when I see a dog walking toward me.

Must. Stay. Still.

I've literally been over an hour late to work before because my puppy wasn't ready to wake up, and the thought of moving him and disturbing his slumber was way too much for me to handle.

What Street Is This!?

I don't know where this puppy is but I'm very interested in going to this very street just for the chance to have a run in with its fluffy self.