14 Summer Must Haves All '90s Kids Will Love

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The '90s were, obviously, a magical time. If you were in elementary or middle school during the hallowed decade, you probably remember hours spent riding bikes, sans cell phones to distract you, going down to rent a VHS (not a DVD!), or spending hours slipping down a Slip 'n' Slide. Fortunately, even if you're now an adult who doesn't have the luxury of a summer vacation, you can still spend your summer Fridays with these summer must haves all '90s kids will love.

The '90s were truly a time when the livin' was easy. Bare feet, backyard pools, Sony Discmans were the norm before you ever imagined it would be possible to store thousands of songs in a tiny device you can carry in your pocket. While all of the latest tech inventions are truly great, being transported back to the innocence of the '90s is always a welcome respite from today's always-on lifestyle.

"Our childhood summers felt endless with days blurring together because days were filled with every kind of activity imaginable. Outdoor freedom of hopping on bicycles without worrying about texting our parents to check in once arriving at our destination," Patrice Bendig wrote in a blog about '90s summer nostalgia for the Huffington Post. "The ability to occasionally over-indulge on video games and cartoons, eventually boring ourselves to find another activity rather than having to be policed by screen time concerns." If you're waxing nostalgic about bygone days, these summer must haves that all '90s kids will love can instantly transport you back to the best decade.

Otter Pops Please!

No '90s summer day was complete without getting your face and hands completely covered with the sticky sweetness of Otter Pops, everyones favorite '90s frozen treat. Blessedly, you can still buy these, which is a perfect, not to mention affordable, way to stock your freezer full of nostalgia. For a grown-ass twist on these frozen snacks, DIY them and mix in your favorite adult beverage.

Vintage Platform & Wedge Flip Flops

OK, it's a reality check that those platform and wedge flip flops that were a staple of every '90s kids' wardrobe are now being called vintage, because I still have a pair in my closet. If you got rid of yours, and you want to channel you inner '90s kid, there are tons of these "vintage" flip flops for sale on digital resale site Poshmark.

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