14 Summer Must Haves All '90s Kids Will Love

Intex / Amazon

The '90s were, obviously, a magical time. If you were in elementary or middle school during the hallowed decade, you probably remember hours spent riding bikes, sans cell phones to distract you, going down to rent a VHS (not a DVD!), or spending hours slipping down a Slip 'n' Slide. Fortunately, even if you're now an adult who doesn't have the luxury of a summer vacation, you can still spend your summer Fridays with these summer must haves all '90s kids will love.

The '90s were truly a time when the livin' was easy. Bare feet, backyard pools, Sony Discmans were the norm before you ever imagined it would be possible to store thousands of songs in a tiny device you can carry in your pocket. While all of the latest tech inventions are truly great, being transported back to the innocence of the '90s is always a welcome respite from today's always-on lifestyle.

"Our childhood summers felt endless with days blurring together because days were filled with every kind of activity imaginable. Outdoor freedom of hopping on bicycles without worrying about texting our parents to check in once arriving at our destination," Patrice Bendig wrote in a blog about '90s summer nostalgia for the Huffington Post. "The ability to occasionally over-indulge on video games and cartoons, eventually boring ourselves to find another activity rather than having to be policed by screen time concerns." If you're waxing nostalgic about bygone days, these summer must haves that all '90s kids will love can instantly transport you back to the best decade.

1Picture Perfect Pool Floats

Intex Watermelon Island


One of the best things about summer in the '90s was spending endless days hanging with that one friend who was lucky enough to have a pool. Chances are you still have a friend like this. If you want to recapture that '90s easy living summer vibe, then you're going to need some pool floats, like this Watermelon Island, to laze away those long summer days.

2Otter Pops Please!

No '90s summer day was complete without getting your face and hands completely covered with the sticky sweetness of Otter Pops, everyones favorite '90s frozen treat. Blessedly, you can still buy these, which is a perfect, not to mention affordable, way to stock your freezer full of nostalgia. For a grown-ass twist on these frozen snacks, DIY them and mix in your favorite adult beverage.

3Vintage Platform & Wedge Flip Flops

OK, it's a reality check that those platform and wedge flip flops that were a staple of every '90s kids' wardrobe are now being called vintage, because I still have a pair in my closet. If you got rid of yours, and you want to channel you inner '90s kid, there are tons of these "vintage" flip flops for sale on digital resale site Poshmark.

4Super Small Sunglasses

Thin Retro Pointed Cat Eye Retro Glasses


Thanks to celebs like Zoe Kravitz rocking tiny shades, super small sunglasses are back in a big way. These cat-eye sunnies will add some '90s nostalgia to your summer, and the bonus here is that they won't give you those crazy big sunburn lines that your beloved oversized shades do. Another win for the '90s!

5Polaroid-Camera Worthy Moments

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera


If you truly want to have an epic '90s summer, it's time to put down your smartphone and pick up and old-school polaroid-style camera to capture all of your moments. Long before selfies were a thing, singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks was taking polaroid snaps of herself, and they're so vintage they were featured in a museum exhibit.

6Load Up On LiP Smackers

LiP Smacker Skittles 4-Piece Lip Balm Tin


Just because you're not required to adult like a boss doesn't mean you can't spend the summer of 2018 coating your lips in your favorite flavors of LiP Smackers.

7Get A Retro Mood Ring

Bewild Original Oval Mood Ring


Spending so much time explaining how you're feeling in 2018 is exhausting. Throw it way back to the '90s and let you hand candy do the talking for you by dressing up your digits with old-school mood rings.

8Hot Crimp Your Hair

Bed Head Mini Ceramic Hair Crimper


OK, this is one thing from the '90s that I'm not going to welcome back into my life because I'm still getting over the embarrassment of sporting crimped hair the first time around. But, you do you. If you want to take a break from your stick-straight locks, don't let this retro purple haze hair crimper crimp your style.

9Jot Stuff In A Journal

Pranjals House Leather Diary Journal Notepad Writing Book


If you want to commit to a throwback tech-free summer, in addition to a Polaroid camera, you're going to need a lock-and-key journal to take the place of all of that texting. Bullet journal your summer goals, or write the great American novel — with your fuzzy pink pen, of course.

10Bring On The Baby Backpack

DemonChest Mini Backpack


Give your shoulder a rest and take a load off by swapping out your purse of handbag for a '90s baby backpack. They're perfect for festivals and concerts, and because it's on your back you'll be less likely to leave it somewhere.

11Choose A Choker Necklace



Really miss those '90s choker necklaces? This festival-ready ~lewk~ can be delivered to your door for less than the price of a cup of coffee — adjusted for inflation, obviously.

12Bring Back The Butterfly Clips

HUELE Butterfly Hair Clips


As long as you're going to crimp your hair, you might as well go full-on '90s and pull some locks away from your face with some colorful baby butterfly clips.

13Get Glitter Glam

BYS Face and Body Roll On Glitter Shimmer Snow White


No '90s summer look is complete with some extra shimmer from some roll-on glitter you can easily carry in your baby backpack. Seriously, don't let the dumpster fire of 2018 dim your shine.

14Bucket Hats Are Back

The Hat Depot Bucket Hat


The best thing about committing to spending your summer firmly planted in the '90s is that it's cheap AF. Grab yourself a '90s bucket hat to protect your hair and skin from the sun during a day at the beach or weekend basking in the backyard pool.