14 Holiday Gifts You Can Get At Target Right Now For Under $20


'Tis the season to go to Target and not just get a cart full of things for yourself that you didn't know you needed, but also things for others. There are lots of super affordable gifting options that you'll want to take advantage of now, before the holiday masses storm the super store. Here I've put together a wish list of gifts under $20 that you can get at Target now. You can get ahead of the Secret Santa office game, or stock up of gifts to keep on reserve and glide into the holiday season feeling generous and panic-free.

We've all been in that awkward situation where a neighbor or coworker shows up with a gift unexpectedly and you're totally unprepared with a gift to give back. By collecting some great, affordable gifts from Target now, you can protect yourself from an uneven gift exchange in the future. Plus, you can get some holiday shopping out of the way so that you can actually enjoy the holiday season rather than spend it stressing out about not having enough gifts or not having money for gifts or not even knowing where to get gifts from! Spoiler alert: Target has something for everyone. Here are some of the best gifting deals right now.

OG Lip Balm Kit

Festive Earrings

A Good Read

A Monogrammed Mug

A Faux Fur Scarf

A Mini Wallet


Wooden Bowls

A Bath Bomb

Rainbow Maker

A Seasonal Candle

A Planner

Seasonal Pajama Pants

Coffee Scrub