14 Things All Dog Lovers Need For Their Wedding

Courtesy of Etsy Sellers

You're a packaged deal. When the love of your life marries you, they're actually marrying you and your dog. If your pupper is your BFF, your partner crime, your ride or die, you're going to want to see these 14 things all dog lovers need for their wedding, all available on Etsy.

If you think your dog can't be a part of your wedding, if you think it's not "traditional" enough, think again. Tradition has gone out the window, and everything is fair game. Want a bouncy castle at your wedding? OK, sure! No problem! Want to serve pancakes instead of wedding cake? Heck, want to serve pancakes in addition to wedding cake? Nobody's going to stop you. Just be sure to have plenty of butter, but things are going to get out of control.

Tradition is nice. It's beautiful. And if that's what you want for your wedding, you should have it. But if you want your dog at your wedding, if you want Fido or Fluffy or Mr. Higgenbottoms to be a part of the big day, gosh darn it, you should have it.

Dogs aren't just hairy creatures. They're family. They're life. Here are 14 cute things you need for your wedding if your dog means the world to you.