Bridesmaid Dresses For Dogs Exist & Now Human Wedding Parties Are Canceled

If you’re getting married soon and hoping to have your favorite puppy pal take part in the ceremony, excellent news: You can now get a dog bridesmaid dress made specially for your furry friend. Made by Birmingham, UK-based Etsy shop The Posh Paws Company — which you might recall from our recent exploration of matching dog and human pajama sets — the dress will make your pupper fit right in with the rest of your wedding party; whether they’re standing up there with you or simply frolicking down the aisle before you really get the party started, your dog look like a proverbial million bucks while they do it. Heck, and yes.

Incorporating your dogs into your wedding ceremony is an increasingly common occurrence; heck, knowing that 85 percent of dog owners consider their pups to be family members, according to the 2017-18 American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVMA) Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook, you might even go so far as to say that incorporating your dogs into your wedding ceremony could easily be expected. Indeed, pet-friendly weddings were one of the biggest nuptial trends of 2018, per Etsy — and, I mean, given how cute the photos can be, it’s no surprise that lots of couples would want to include their furriest pals in their big day.

If you’re going to have your pup accompany you down the aisle, obviously they’re going to need something to wear — hence, the dog bridal attendant dress. Posh Paws’ take on the idea is made of satin and has a classic, ball gown-like cut to it. It’s got a little collar, slightly puffed sleeves, and a long skirt, with a bow at the waist — and the skirt even has a little crinoline stitched into it to give it some fullness. A slit in the back of the bodice also makes sure you can fasten a leash to a harness through the dress if needed. And lastly, the dress comes with a matching satin hair slide or headband bow to complete your pupper’s look.

What’s more, the dress is available in 12 different colors, so no matter what your wedding’s color palette is (assuming you’ve got one; you don’t have to pick “wedding colors” or a “theme” if you don’t want to!), you’re sure to find something to fit the bill. Choose from cream, orange, pale pink, pale blue, navy blue, olive green, mustard yellow, dark grey, silver grey, plum, brown, and ivory.

A range of sizes are available, with the smallest being XXS and the largest being L; however, Posh Paws can also make a bespoke dress exactly to your specifications, so if your dog lies outside of the standard size range, shoot the store a message. They might be able to accommodate you. Prices do vary depending on the size of the dress, though, so just bear that in mind. For reference, the XXS is $82.08 (not including shipping), while the large is $150.48. If you customize the dress, there’s an additional charge of $8.89; also, shipping starts at around $6.84.

The Posh Paws Company isn’t the only Etsy shop offering bridal and wedding gear for pets; indeed, simply searching Etsy for “dog bridesmaid dress” brings up several hundred results. You get tens of thousands of results, however, if you search for “dog wedding.” The broader brings up not just dresses, but also collars, bowties, tutus, crowns, and even little doggy tuxedos, all of which will ensure your pet will be dressed to the nines for their role in your big day. Just, y’know, make sure your pal will actually be comfortable wearing whatever you hope to dress them in before you kick the whole thing off; the pics may be cuter with a dog in a top hat, but if your pupper doesn’t like it, that’s a non-starter.

Oh, and hey, if you’re not getting married, but still have some sort of formal event coming up in which you’d like to involve your dog, you can also get a doggy cocktail dress. The fabric has a classy black and white print on it, and the bow that ties around the waist is bright red. Snazzy.

See more from The Posh Pet Company here. And if you do dress your furry friend up in one of these outfits, send pics, please!