Clay's Instagram Proves That This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Is More Than Just A Football Player

Paul Hebert/ABC

Clay Harbor on Becca's season of The Bachelorette may have one of the most impressive careers out of the bunch as a tight end for the NFL, but you wouldn't know it from his unpretentious personality. And one look at Clay's Instagram page proves The Bachelorette contestant really is as genuine as he seems despite his high-profile career. From the looks of The Bachelorette's preview of Episode 3, he'll get the chance to show off some of his football moves during the group date. But even with his athletic talents, it's clear through his Instagram that Clay is a grounded person and not here for the drama.

While you can easily find out about Clay's football career online, Clay's Instagram gives a little personal insight into his time playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and his short stints on the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions. He also had a few injuries that put his career on hold. This past football season seemed particularly hard for him since he was on the injured reserve list for the New Orleans Saints. At the beginning of the 2017-2018 football season, he used the hashtag, #injuredreservesucks, but was happy to cheer on both the Eagles and the Patriots during the Super Bowl.

On May 24, Clay posted that he's still trying to play the sport professionally. "Working hard to get back on this field and continue doing what I love. It may be a game to some but to me it's much more," he wrote. But football isn't the only thing that Clay has going for him, so here are 14 things that Clay's Instagram reveals about his family, friends, and hobbies — including football.


He Once Worked Out With The Rock

If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is at the gym with you, you gotta capture the moment.


He's Religious

Clay shared one of his favorite Bible quotes back in 2013. And in 2015, he posted a photo of himself praying with his team during a game with the caption, "Gotta give the credit where it's due."


He's Done Some Traveling For Work

As ESPN reported, the Jacksonville Jaguars have played a number of home games in London and Clay got to hop across the pond and be a part of these international games a couple of times.


He's A Super Hard Worker

You probably shouldn't be surprised by how dedicated Clay is to his profession, but that doesn't make his gym videos any less impressive.


He Can Play Basketball, Too

So Clay can make a basket as well as score touchdowns? Christon better watch out.


He Doesn't Take Himself Too Seriously

Clay's down-to-earth nature comes across on his Instagram. In the above flashback Friday post, he makes fun of his dated ensemble with the hashtag, #yesimwearingcargoshorts.


But He's Not Afraid Of Posting Shirtless Photos

Let's just say that Clay doesn't have a ton of posts (he only just recently went over 100), but a decent amount of them have his physique on display.


He's A Fan Of The Zac Brown Band

Outside of football, he's apparently a fan of the Zac Brown Band, and attended one of their concerts.


He Watches 'Game Of Thrones'

In the above photo, Clay rocks a Game Of Thrones Christmas sweater, which shows how committed he is to the HBO show. He also used a photo of him looking down on the sidelines as an excuse to make the caption, "Mood when you just find out @gameofthrones isn't back for 2 years. #winterisnotcoming."


His Taste In Movies Is Aces

Clay has posted about watching The Lion King with his nephew, and he quoted 13 Going On 30 for his 30th birthday, so Becca could expect quality movie nights.


He's Close With His Family

Clay's Instagram definitely highlights his dedication to his family. He has shown love for his grandmothers and for his mom. It also appears that he has two brothers — Cory, who is the father of Clay's nephew Luca (Luca often makes an appearance on Clay's Instagram) and Cameron, who is 14 years younger than Clay. Clay is also proud of being multiracial, often describing himself as a "mixed kid."


He Has A Solid Group Of Friends

Along with his family, Clay seems to have a group of friends that he has stayed close with over the years.


He Doesn't Mind Cold Weather

Going back to how Clay doesn't mind showing off his torso, he also apparently doesn't mind cold weather, since this photo was taken in the Windy City in February.


He Loves His Dogs

I guess the weather doesn't matter to Clay when he's hanging out with his two beloved dogs. He called them his "best friends" in the above post and also used the hashtag #ilikedogsmorethanpeople in another post.

With his focus on hard work, family, friends, and his dogs, Clay's Instagram shows just that how well suited he is for Becca. But Bachelor Nation will have to wait and see if his drama-free personality and football moves are enough for Becca to keep him around another week.