14 Ridiculously Helpful Items For People Who Live In A Small Space

According to Restoring Simple, the average tiny house is 100 to 400 square feet. Can you even begin to understand how... tiny that is? You can't scratch yourself without hitting a wall, so you best believe you have to make good use of that space. If you have plans to swap your roomy abode for a more minimalist lifestyle — or you just have a small space that needs decluttering — you'll want to consider these 14 things people who live in tiny homes need.

The tiny house movement is growing and for a good reason. As Restoring Simple explains, the tiny life has many benefits. For starters, these homes are mobile. Mobile! (Permanent road trip, amirite?) You'll massively reduce your carbon footprint, they require less maintenance, and because the average price is $23,000, many people buy them with no mortgage and officially become homeowners debt-free. Um, yay?

That being said, you need to be seriously creative to make this work. Because you'll have just enough room to sneeze, special attention must be paid to every item you bring inside your tiny home. If it takes up too much real estate, it's gotta go.

To help get you started, check out these 14 items — practical, compact, foldable, and 100 percent tiny home-friendly.