These Varys Theories Prove The Final 'GoT Episodes Are Going To Be A Wild, Twisty Ride


Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 8. Lord Varys, the Master of Whispers, is back to his whispering ways in the final episodes of Game of Thrones. During "The Last of the Starks," Varys started considering a new ruler for the Iron Throne. And with a betrayal pending, Reddit is full of theories about Varys on Game of Thrones. He has supported a Targaryen ruler since the very beginning when he conspired with Illyrio Mopatis and he has been actively backing Daenerys since Season 5. She gave him a pardon for all his king hopping in Season 7, but now that Varys knows that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, he's looking to jump ship. So with only two episodes left to go, this Spider still has a few tricks up his sleeves that are worth speculating about.

Varys has shared concerns with Tyrion before about the possibility that Daenerys could become like her father and turn into a "Mad Queen." But, unfortunately, it's actions like him conspiring with Tyrion that could push Daenerys over the edge when she is already justifiably enraged after the deaths of Jorah, Rhaegal, and Missandei. And since Daenerys told him she'd kill him if he ever betrayed her and Melisandre informed him he will die in Westeros, it seems Varys may soon join the body count of Season 8.

But whether he makes it out of Game of Thrones dead or alive, here are some theories from Reddit users about what Varys could be up in the final season.


Varys Wants Jon To Rule Because He's Easier To Manipulate


Varys always says he wants to serve the people. But his motivations might not be that purely selfless. As Fopa brought up, the Spider might be Team Jon because he would have an easier time "manipulating from the shadows" with Jon on the Iron Throne rather than the more strong-willed Daenerys.


Daenerys Will Execute Varys


In Season 7, Daenerys straight-out told Varys that she will burn him alive if he ever betrays her, as craft23 posted. So with him discussing treason with Tyrion, it sure seems like Daenerys will use Drogon to set him aflame. And Varys can't act surprised either since he said himself, "I would expect nothing less from the Mother of Dragons."


Varys' Death Will Make Tyrion Betray Daenerys

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During "The Last of the Starks," Tyrion still defended Daenerys even though he admitted that he had considered that Jon could be the better option for the throne. But Chelsea75 theorized that if Daenerys executed Varys, Tyrion will come to the realization that Varys was right and feel the need to stop this "Mad Queen."


Tyrion Will Snitch On Varys

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On the flip side, Tyrion might be the one to get Varys killed if you believe this theory from Edurian that proposes that Tyrion will snitch on Varys to Daenerys. As Hand of the Queen, this would actually be the right thing to do — even if it does lead to Varys' demise — since Varys insinuated assassinating her.


Varys Will Try To Execute Daenerys & Tyrion Will Die Protecting Her

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Tyrion made it clear that he didn't want Varys to plot Daenerys' death. So pvtjace thinks that Tyrion will die saving Daenerys from Varys' execution plan. Not sure if that's better or worse than Tyrion being killed by Cersei.


Varys Has Been Working With Cersei & Euron

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CountVertigo brought up a theory that Varys has already actively betrayed Daenerys by sending news of her movements to Euron, which is how he knew to attack Dragonstone. User bdbr also thought that Varys has been playing both sides since Season 7 and that's how Cersei keeps besting Daenerys.


Varys Has Control Of The Golden Company


This theory was posted before Varys knew that Jon was a Targaryen, but tony2b thought that Varys may have the real control over the Golden Company. Whatever side Varys does end up on, this would surely come in handy for him ... and hopefully, be bad news for Cersei.


Varys Wants Tyrion On The Throne

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Reddit user jasonek72 thinks that Varys has been backing Tyrion since Season 2. And even if you don't think that Tyrion is a Targaryen like jasonek72 does, there's no denying that Varys has been on Tyrion's side. CasuallyCompetitive took this thought one step further by suggesting Varys wants Tyrion to rule alongside his former wife, Sansa.


He's Team Sansa

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Whether they know it or not, Sansa and Varys do seem to be playing on the same side of the game. And MadamImAJ wondered if Varys' end goal is to get Sansa on the throne. After all, he probably approved of her killing his old scheming buddy Littlefinger.


It's A Fake Out

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Speaking of Littlefinger's death, DoctorRichardNygard wondered if Varys conspiring with Tyrion is intentionally misleading viewers, similar to how the show faked us out into believing Sansa and Arya were at odds in Season 7. A fan can dream, right?


He's Causing Chaos

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While Varys is a person no one trusts, he actually has been quite consistent with his message that he wants the best ruler for the realm. But some fans like fearsundown think he's not actually genuine and that he's using chaos to gain power like Littlefinger did. And shamelessIceT even thinks that Varys might be the real villain of the series.


He Serves A Higher Power

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Varys surely appears to be a skeptic of all religion, but fans have been wondering what he heard in the fire after the Lord of the Light priest dismembered him. While dwh394 thinks that whatever he heard has led him to serve the realm, sethman75 wondered if maybe Varys is serving whatever he saw in the flames.


He's Playing Tyrion

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What if Varys really isn't worried about Daenerys at all and he's trying to see if Tyrion is disloyal? That's a theory that GreyGhostReddits has thrown out. And bepseh thinks that Daenerys and Varys actually worked together on this plot to figure out where Tyrion's true allegiance lies.


He's A Merman


Sure, Varys was spotted coughing on the shores of Dragonstone as JosephTlmBoy pointed out. But not everyone is able to give up on this hilarious theory. After all, as burnblue pointed out, how'd he even make it to the shore if he isn't a merman?

Like most of the characters on Game of Thrones, Varys' days are most likely very numbered. But if any of these theories hold true, he might make one more move that has major repercussions before he goes.