16 Things You Forgot Happened In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 — Like That Ice Bear

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Game of Thrones packs a whole lot of plot into each season, and Season 7 might have been the most action packed yet. The penultimate season barreled its way toward the endgame with characters traveling around Westeros at warp speed and major reunions galore. Still, even with this quicker, more focused pace, it that doesn't mean that you remember every. single. thing. that went down. There are bound to be things you forgot happened in Game of Thrones Season 7 — if only because it aired nearly two years ago. A lot has happened since then. Hopefully, this list will help refresh your memory regarding some of the more easily overlooked moments to have you all set for the Season 8 premiere on April 14.

Some moments in Game of Thrones, fans can never forget — and Season 7 was chock full of them. Like, Jon and Tyrion reuniting. Arya and Sansa killing Littlefinger. The epic collision of characters at the Dragonpit. Jon and Daenerys having sex while Bran revealed to Sam they are aunt and nephew. And Viserion becoming an ice dragon and destroying the Wall. Even if you kind of wish you could unsee some of those moments — calling out that Ed Sheeran cameo, Sam's feces-filled maester training, and (but of course) Jon and Dany's cringey sex scene — you gotta give credit to the show for making these scenes unforgettable.

But maybe with the passage of time or with so many other details to worry about, some of Season 7 has just slipped away from your recollection. So this list will get you back in fighting form for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones.


The Season Premiere Kicked Off With A Rare Cold Open

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The usual beginning for an episode is a "previously on" segment followed by the opening credits. But ahead of the opening credits in the Season 7 premiere, Arya killed the Frey soldiers while rocking her Walder Frey face mask.

There have only been a handful of other cold opens in the history of Game of Thrones — the series premiere; the Seasons 3 and 4 premieres; and Season 6, Episode 7 when it was revealed the Hound was still alive. This cold open not only served to show Arya's Many-Faced God skills but also to reestablish her commitment to being Arya freakin' Stark.


The Hound Converted

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Sandor Clegane has a new view on the Lord of the Light since he saw the White Walkers attacking Eastwatch-by-the-Sea in the flames in the Season 7 premiere. So while he may never be a red priest like Thoros of Myr (RIP), his new, oh-so-ironic fire-related mystical abilities could come in handy in Season 8.


Arya Saw Herself In Nymeria


Arya had a long-anticipated reunion with her dire wolf Nymeria. But it was over before it even began when Arya let her go with the words, "That's not you." While some fans might of thought she literally meant this animal wasn't Nymeria, Arya was actually channeling what she told her dad in Season 1.

She said, "That's not me," when Ned suggested she'd one day be a lady in a dress married to a lord. And even though Nymeria's visit was short-lived, maybe she will appear in a clutch moment to save the day in Season 8 as the Stark dire wolves tend to do.


The Tarly Switch

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Over the course of its eight seasons, some characters have been recast, like Tommen (and Myrcella) Baratheon, the Mountain, and Daario Naharis. And if the ill-fated and unfortunately-named Dickon Tarley didn't seem too familiar to you in Season 7, don't feel bad since Tom Hopper replaced Season 6 Dickon actor Freddie Stroma.


Which Sand Snake Was Ellaria's Daughter

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The Sand Snakes of Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene were clearly Oberyn Martell's children. But Season 7 might have been when you realized that Tyene was also Ellaria's daughter. And as Ellaria's biological child, Cersei saved the worst death of all for her and made Ellaria watch to seek revenge for Ellaria killing Myrcella.


Jon Faced Off With Littlefinger

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Jon Snow threatened Petyr Baelish in the crypts of Winterfell after Littlefinger confessed his love for Sansa. This moment echoed back to when Jon's Uncle Ned put Littlefinger in a similar position. But Jon's tactics weren't needed since Sansa and Arya ended up taking out Littlefinger themselves.


Melisandre's Deadly Premonition To Varys

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Varys told Melisandre that she should stay away from Westeros since she might not be safe on the continent anymore. But the Red Woman didn't seem too surprised and instead told him, "I have to die in this strange country — just like you." So Varys and Melisandre may be part of the inevitably large body count in Season 8.


Olenna's Warning To Jaime

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Jaime learned the truth of who killed Joffrey in Olenna's final living moments. But the Queen of Thorns also might have foreshadowed Jaime's death when she told him that Cersei "will be the end of you."


Arya Has Valyrian Steel

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Valyrian steel defeats White Walkers, but it's incredibly rare. Thankfully though, Arya got her hands on a Valyrian blade. Little Finger gave Bran the blade that was used in the attempt on his life — and then the Three-Eyed Raven promptly handed it over to skilled-assassin sister.


Jorah Was Thinking About Jon Snow's Kids

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There was a lot of foreshadowing that Jon and Dany will have a baby and even Jorah — who is constantly the hearts eye emoji around Khaleesi — was a part of that. When Jon tried to give Longclaw to Jorah since it belonged to the Mormont family, Jorah told him, "Let it serve you well, and your children after you." Oh, poor love-stricken Jorah.


There Was An Ice Bear

With the whole ice dragon thing, it's possible you forgot that the first creature the gang encountered in "Beyond the Wall" was an ice polar bear. So get ready for other creatures to be turned into White Walkers (like, maybe the Golden Company's elephants or *gasp* Jon's beloved dire wolf Ghost?) in Season 8.


Jorah Almost Fell Off Drogon


When Dany came to save the day in "Beyond the Wall," she made Drogon swerve to miss another one of the Night King's spears. In the process, a particularly interesting character almost fell off — Jorah. Considering all the time he has spent with the Mother of Dragons, you'd think Jorah would have been more prepared than some of the others to ride Drogon. So maybe this is some foreshadowing that his love of the Dragon Queen will get him killed.


Uncle Benjen Saved Jon

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Jon Snow has got nine lives, but he usually gets some assistance when it comes to his surviving. And just as he did with Bran and Meera, Uncle Benjen came out of literally nowhere to save Jon's fully human skin before he was taken over by wights. Uncle Benjen!


The Hound & Brienne Came To An Understanding


Last time the Hound and Brienne were hanging out, they fought to the near-death. But their shared love of Arya and her badassery had them come to a respectful understanding at the Dragonpit. And how good it is to have these two on the same side.


All Of Tyrion's Bad Judgment Calls


As Tyrion himself is the first to admit, he thinks he's a clever man. And most of the time he is. But nearly every plan he came up with in Season 7 was a bad one. In particular, you might have missed how quickly Tyrion assumed Cersei was pregnant. Cersei really gave little indication that this was the case, but Tyrion thought he figured it out and it gave him faith in the only redeeming quality his sister has — her love of her children. Except Tyrion "figuring out" she was pregnant was clearly part of her master plan and this rush judgment could lead to Daenerys' downfall.


Beric Stayed At Eastwatch-By-The-Sea


Beric Dondarrion most likely doesn't have any more lives since Thanos died beyond the Wall. But he still bravely chose to stay with the Wildlings at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea rather than return to the south. So his fate following the White Walkers destroying the Wall is linked with Tormund's.


The Night King Rode The Ice Dragon


By no means does this article mean to insult your intelligence by suggesting you didn't remember that Ice Viserion destroyed the Wall. But here's your reminder that the Night King rode Viserion just like Daenerys rides Drogon. So, yeah, the Night King now controls an ice dragon along with a whole horde of zombies.

Nothing can fully prepare you for the end of Game of Thrones. But hopefully, with this list, you'll at least remember all you need to know now that winter is here for the final time.