14 Whodunit Movies Like 'Knives Out' You Can Stream Right Now


When you think of filmmakers who like to take risks, odds are that Rian Johnson comes to mind. The director rose to stardom on the back of his wild 2012 actioner Looper, and became a lightning rod for controversy with the way he upended fan expectations in the 2017 Star Wars sequel The Last Jedi. Johnson's latest film, Knives Out, looks to continue the director's risky streak by putting a bunch of big stars in an old-fashioned whodunit. There are actually several movies like Knives Out you can stream right now, so if the film leaves you with a hankering for more mystery movies, you have plenty of options to satisfy your inquisitive needs.

The mystery genre has been around forever, but it has largely fallen out of favor in recent years. These days it seems many films prefer to try and imitate the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, concentrating on special effects-laden action and interconnected franchise-building. But there's still nothing quite like the thrill of a good mystery, as you — the viewer — are taken on a twisty journey with the film's protagonist as you attempt to solve a murder, or a theft, or whatever the film's central mystery happens to be. So in honor of Knives Out bringing back the genre in a big way, check out these 14 whodunits that are currently streaming.


'Murder On The Orient Express' (Amazon)

The 2017 remake is fun, but there's no beating the 1974 original — one of the most classic whodunit films of all time.


'Charade' (Amazon)

This ultra-stylish 1960s caper teams two of the biggest stars of the day in Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.


'To Catch A Thief' (Amazon)

Another Cary Grant vehicle, this mystery/romance pairs him with Grace Kelly and is directed by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.


'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' (Disney+)

You've probably forgotten just how strange this neo-noir half-animated movie is, but it's definitely worth another watch.


'Zootopia' (Disney+)

The Disney animated favorite sure looks cute, but its story is darkly reminiscent of the neo-noir classic Chinatown.


'Bad Times At The El Royale' (HBO)

A group of big name actors play even bigger characters in a place where nothing is as it seems. Knives Out, eat your heart out.


'The Usual Suspects' (HBO)

You've probably had the twist spoiled for you, but this classic crime drama is still worthy of checking out.


'Clue' (Showtime)

Without question, the best movie ever based on a board game (sorry, Battleship).


'Murder Mystery' (Netflix)

This is certainly the least-serious entry on the list, but look at the title! Clearly this meets the criteria for a whodunit.


'The Hateful Eight' (Netflix)

This may not be a classic whodunit, but Quentin Tarantino's Western still features a group of eccentric characters stuck together in a single location with tensions running high, à la Knives Out.


'Gosford Park' (Netflix)

Somebody turns up dead at a ritzy party full of wealthy weirdos. Sound familiar, Knives Out fans?


'A Simple Favor' (Hulu)

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively team up for this ultra-stylish thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.


'Suburbicon' (Hulu)

A knockout cast, madcap story, and stylish surroundings will definitely give you some major Knives Out vibes.


'Chinatown' (Hulu)

The original Zootopia... OK, not really, but this classic is still regarded in some circles as not just one of the greatest mystery films ever made, but as one of the greatest films ever.

After watching these 14 films, you'll probably come to appreciate Knives Out's clever take on whodunits even more... or will you?