15 Affordable Mirrors That Can Completely Open Up Your Space

Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie

Mirrors aren't just for touchups. They're actually a really important design element that can absolutely transform a space. And even if you're looking for the best affordable mirrors, you luckily don't have to compromise on personal taste.

Making a small space look bigger doesn't have to be daunting. Even if you can't completely redecorate, you can commit to adding some design elements that will work more strategically with your space.

One important element is mirrors. Kept tucked away in corners, or away from light, they serve their stated purpose alone (making sure you don't have lipstick on your teeth). But if you put a mirror across from a window, or near a light fixture it can reflect, you can add dimension to your room and make it seem bigger.

Plus, not all mirrors have to be plain squares or circles. Nor do they have to be super expensive — even though a lot of them are. There are all sorts of cool mirror designs online that serve practical purposes, are versatile, and don't break the bank.

Whether your style is modern, rustic, shabby-chic, or industrial, there are mirrors out there that will add to your space, not just blend in. Mirrors don't have to be boring if you don't want them to be. And many mirrors come at good prices, if you know where to look.

Here are 15 affordable mirrors for under $60 that can help transform your space.

1A Beautiful Floral Accent Piece

Poppy Floral Round Wall Mirror

Urban Outfitters

If you're into more delicate design, this oval mirror with frosted floral etching is perfect. Even without a frame, it can sit gorgeously on any wall and open up your space. Plus, you can get in some pretty design elements without having to clutter your wall.

2An Affordable Hanging Set

3 Piece Dima Mirror Set


The fact that this hanging set comes with three separate pieces is a major benefit for those looking to use mirrors strategically to reflect light and open up a small space. And the gorgeous argyle set comes with mounting hardware, so you don't need to take separate trips to the store when you order it.

3A Rustic Wooden Accent

14" X 16" Worn Wooden Wall Mirror White - Stonebriar Collection


This wall mirror is relatively small, at 14 by 16 inches, but it's a great decorative accent for shabby-chic or farmhouse-inspired design, while also being a great size for hair and makeup touchups. The frame is distressed but the mirror isn't, making it practical for everyday use.

4A Leather Mirror That Holds Its Own

Carson Leather Strap Mirror

Urban Outfitters

Since most mirror frames are wood or metal, this gorgeous leather-strapped round mirror definitely stands out. Sturdy enough for hanging, and perfect for an industrial look, this mirror is a punchy design accent that doesn't break the bank.

5A Teardrop Mirror That Plays With Geometry

Gold Teardrop Wall Mirror

Cost Plus World Market

Since you probably don't have any teardrop-shaped furniture, this gold-framed mirror is perfect for creating a bit of visual diversity in even the smallest living space. Coming in two sizes, 17 and 24 inches, at $49.99 and $79.99 respectively, this mirror is great alone or as a pair.

6A Mirror In Tune With The Moon

Luna Moon Cycle Storage Mirror

Urban Outfitters

Whether you're into astrology, in tune with your body's natural rhythms, or simply intrigued by fun design, this lunar cycle mirror is a great accent to a living room or bedroom. Plus, this small mirror comes with five hanging hooks — making it practical as well as chic.

7A Sturdy Wall Mirror For A Steal

Longwood Wall Mirror


If you're looking for a solid mirror that takes up space and packs a punch without absolutely draining your savings, then this mirror from Wayfair (on sale from $129.99) is a great bet. At 30 inches tall and 20 inches wide, it will cover a good amount of wall space, whether you hang it vertically or horizontally.

8A Mirror That Brings Out Your Inner Animal

Bunny Tabletop Mirror

Urban Outfitters

A tabletop mirror doesn't have to be boring. This bunny mirror with a natural-finish frame proves just that. If you're feeling adult enough to up your interior decor but still in touch with your inner child, this whimsical design is perfect.

9Three Framed Mirrors In One

ZM Home 35" Industrial Mirror Brown


This three-in-one large mirror from Target is a steal. It has a distressed, industrial look, and is a solid 35 inches tall. Plus, if you're tired of posters, this is a great design option that can take up wall space in an aesthetically pleasing, but purposeful, way.

10A Design-Forward Iridescent Mirror

Nova Iridescent Mirror

Urban Outfitters

Maybe not all mirrors have to be practical. This gorgeous multi-colored iridescent piece from Urban Outfitters reflects different hues in different lights, and can bring a pop of color and light to a monochromatic room. And if you don't want to take up wall space, it works great as a vanity tray as well.

11A Seven Piece Set For An Empty Wall

7 Piece Round Glass Mirror Set


Getting seven mirrors for just under $25 is pretty unbeatable. This set of unframed round mirrors is perfect to be hung in a cluster, or mounted throughout the room to create additional cohesion and dimension.

12An Affordable Mirror That Invokes Antiques

Auvillar Accent Mirror


Having a distressed frame that is also reflective makes this mirror pop, combining the distressed antique look with a modern aesthetic. This accent mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically for different looks, and is currently on sale at 30 percent off from an original $30.

13A Two-Tone Statement Piece

Rena Accent Mirror


This framed mirror is a bold accent that doesn't break the bank. At 36 inches, it's a pretty good way to fill up space, and the mix of manufactured wood and ash veneer add an interesting visual element to the mirror itself. Plus, it's currently being sold at 11 percent off from an original $99.99.

14A Two-Tier Mirror You Can Choose The Shape Of

Two-Tier Mirror


This two-tier mirror is available in either square or round, which makes it the perfect fit no matter your design aesthetic. The brass and copper frame adds dimension to two different sized pieces of glass. While it's the perfect size for touchups, this mirror is also a great design element on its own.

15A Colorful Bath Mirror With Practical Storage

Aqua Josie Bath Mirror With Tray

Cost Plus World Market

If making your bathroom feel homey is your biggest decorating weakness, then starting with this cute mirror is a great option. The distressed aqua finish is a perfect pop of color, and the tray is a practical touch for holding soap, toothbrushes, and other grooming tools.