15 Adorable Bookish Supplies You Need For School (Or The Office)

Target; Etsy/Icey Designs

Summer is my favorite season, so my heart breaks a little each year when it comes to an end. In fact, the only thing that has ever made me feel better about saying goodbye to arguably the best three months of the year — aside from the promise of Halloween and the scary stories that come with it — are the cool bookish back-to-school supplies for bibliophiles.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was a total academic nerd growing up, one who loved all of the trappings that came with academia and schoolwork. Summer reading utterly delighted me, new agendas made my heart skip a bit, and the prospect of new pens, pencils, and highlighters? I would be lying if I said I didn’t live for the moment when they touched college-ruled paper for the first time. If I’m being honest, the thought of all of these things still bring a smile to my face. That is why, even though I am not a student anymore, I still let myself indulge in what most would consider “back-to-school” style shopping every year.

Whether you’re heading to the classroom this September, as a student or a teacher, or like me, simply enjoy new stationary and office supplies, it’s time to load up your shopping cart with these 15 bookish back-to-school supplies every bibliophile needs.

A Jane Austen pencil set to inspire your very best writing

If you want to write like the greats, you need the appropriate tools. Although they are no quill and ink, these bright colored pencils stamped with the very best Jane Austen quotes will do the trick.

Jane Austen Pencil Set, $15, Etsy

An agenda made especially for bibliophiles

If you're a true stationary nerd, then you know few things are as satisfying as a brand new agenda, especially one as beautiful as this one. Illustrated by Jane Mount, the talented artist behind all of your favorite bookish pins, this 12-month planner will get you though the entire year in literary style.

Bibliophile 2019 12-Month Planner, $19, Amazon

A feather gel pen for fun and fancy writing

Channel writers like William Shakespeare and Jane Austen with these quill-inspired gel pens. The perfect mix of classic literary and '90s nostalgia, they're the perfect writing tools for bold book-lovers who aren't afraid to stand out in class.

Feather Quill Pen, $3, Etsy

A Shakespeare-themed notebook to scrawl your notes — or your play ideas — in

William Shakespeare has written some pretty incredible lines, but few are as iconic as this one from A Midsummer Night's Dream, which just so happens to look great on a notebook. Use it to keep track of assignments, take notes, or start planning your own one-act play, whatever your bookish heart desires.

College Ruled Composition Notebook, $9, Amazon

A bookish pouch to hold your new pens and pencils in

You've got the pencils. You've got the pens. Now, all you need is a cool pouch with a beautiful bookish design to put them in, like this one.

Book-Lover Pencil Pouch, $8, Etsy

A Harry Potter backpack, because trunks just aren't practical

Lug your books around in style with this Harry Potter-themed backpack. It isn't as cool as the trunks Hogwarts students have, but it' is definitely more practical.

Boys' Harry Potter Backpack, $15, Target

An illustrated copy of 'The Elements of Style' for your locker or your writing desk

Every good student — and good writer — needs a copy of this essential writing guide. Instead of buying the plain old text version, treat yourself to this adorable illustrated one that is as cute as it is useful.

The Elements of Style: Illustrated by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White, illustrated by Maria Kalman, $12, Amazon

A tote bag to carry all your supplies in if backpacks aren't your style

Not a fan of the standard backpack? Then ditch the boring bag get yourself this Nancy Drew tote instead. Don't worry — it's big enough to hold all of your new school supplies, and a few good books, too.

Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock Tote Bag, $29, Litographs

A book-shaped lunchbox that will make you the envy of the cafeteria

Whether you're bringing your lunch to school or to work, pack it in this cool book-shaped lunch box. It might not be as nostalgic as your old Lisa Frank one from childhood, but it is certainly as cool.

Lunch Box Book, $10, Amazon

A laptop sleeve to make sure your essential supply gets to school safely

Lugging your laptop around can be dangerous no matter where you're taking it. Keep your most important school supply safe with this this sleeve that is as adorable as it is protective.

Custom Printed Laptop Sleeve, $40, Etsy

A travel mug that broadcasts your priorities to anyone you meet

Has there ever been a better bookish statement put on a mug? I didn't think so either.

Books Before Boys Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $24, Etsy

A bookmark that will save spot, down to the exact line

Having a hard time keeping track of where you are in your required reading? Forget dog-eared pages, random receipts, and tin foil gum wrapper bookmarks, because this cute and convenient bookmark will help you make sure you never lose your place.

Fred Finger Print Bookmark, $10, Amazon

A book sleeve to protect your required reading, no matter where you take it

If you've ever had a pen explode in your backpack, you know how treacherous the journey to and from school can be. That is why you need this book sleeve, for both style and safety reasons.

Bookcase Book Buddy, $17, Etsy

A water bottle perfectly suited for students and bookworms alike

It doesn't matter if you're a student, a teacher, or an employee somewhere: Staying hydrated is essential. What better way to make sure you drink enough water every day than to carry it in this funny, bookish bottle?

Do You Even Read Bro? Water Bottle, $15, BookRiot Store

A laptop decal that will keep you motivated while you work

Whether you're pulling an all-nighter to study, write your midterm paper, or trying to finish your novel, chances are you'll be doing it on a laptop. Slap this inspirational sticker near the keyboard, and watch as the words flow out of you like water.

Write Edit Repeat Decal, $3, Etsy