Target Just Launched Unicorn School Supplies That You'll Want As A Grownass Adult

by Crystal Duan

Summer is ending, and your inner child is probably groaning up a storm that soon, beach days and pool lounging are going to be over. But that means it's the perfect time to think about the possibilities fall offers — and why not also embrace the unique characters that can come with that?

Enter unicorns. These are the kind of mystical creatures you're going to want to embrace any day of the year — they offer a pick-me-up by being both magical and oh-so-pretty in one go. Unicorns will definitely ease that weird sense of FOMO you still get when you catch the wave of children doing back-to-school shopping. And you can bet Target will help ya out in this department, because Target's unicorn school supplies are so cute that you'll want every piece of them as a grownass adult.

Honestly, this is far from a stretch in the unicorn department. We already started drinking unicorn Dr. Pepper and Starbucks unicorn Frappuccinos, watched unicorn eyeliner hit the forefront, and bought into the trend in other ways throughout the past few years. Why shouldn't we also apply this never ending trend to everyday desk accessories?

Your inner child will always be a person you want to honor, so don't be ashamed about going to Target and living your childhood dreams with some awesome unicorn school supplies. Read on to see what's available at the moment for your quest.


Unicorn Mini Spiral Notebooks


Denim Unicorn Pencil Case


Magnetic Unicorn Hook


Unicorn Decorative Coin Bank


Paint Your Own Unicorns