15 Funniest Eclipse Quotes To Share On Social Media Because, Face It, We Could All Use A Good Laugh

Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Considering the current state of America, it's only fitting that now is when we would experience a total solar eclipse from coast to coast for the first time since 1918. Taking place Monday, August 21, the eclipse will start on the west coast and make its way through the country, ending in South Carolina. Twitter, as always, moved to become a center of the conversation with #SolarEclipse2017 trending. Blame it on the tense state lately, but the eclipse has turned into a fun event filled with people letting off steam. When you've recently faced a possibility of nuclear war with North Korea, it becoming night in the middle of the day is pretty laughable.

So, will the eclipse create total darkness? There will be a period of complete black out along the path of totality, the area that fully experiences the eclipse. If you're outside of this path, no worries, as the eclipse will still be extremely visible. Up here in New York, we still have 71 percent coverage. All in all, it seems Americans are very happy to have a reason to focus on anything besides politics for the first time since the 2016 election seasons started. Check out the funniest eclipse quotes on Twitter to share on social media while you laugh out loud.

1. Let The Eclipse Throw Some Shade

Laskodi on Twitter

2. Contemplates If It's Worth It

Suresh Singaratnam on Twitter

3. It's Bound To Be A Lot

Steve on Twitter

4. When You Just Need To Catch A Peak

asia on Twitter

5. Please Don't Try This At Home

Michael Stover on Twitter

6. Solar-Powered Down

Carlos Rosales on Twitter

7. It's A Sign, He Must Resign

Ultimate Warrior Bio on Twitter

8. Trump, Trump, Eclipse, Trump

Sean Steele on Twitter

9. It's Cool, No One Will Know

Orli Matlow on Twitter

10. Never Stare At The Sun

Amanda Elizabeth on Twitter

11. I'm Hoping For Super Speed

Milly Mulder on Twitter

12. For The Last Time Do Not Look Up

AMGee on Twitter

13. It Was The Eclipse I Swear

Georgiana Pagounis on Twitter

14. It's Going To Gobble It Right Up

Molly Rose on Twitter

15. Catch You On The Flip Side Sun

Junam on Twitter

Use the eclipse as a chance to let off some steam, laugh a lot, and enjoy an awesome celestial event.