15 'Game Of Thrones' Pet Names For Your Furry Friend


If you are a true GoT fan, you have probably thought about naming your firstborn after one of the characters. Then, perhaps, you've reconsidered that idea, because, you know, it's kind of a big commitment. But the happy medium here, my friends, would be choosing a pet name inspired by Game of Thrones. And there are just so many to pick from.

And listen, it is a true tragedy that our time in Westeros is drawing ever too quickly to a close with only three episodes left, and despite the fact that the Battle of Winterfell is over, even before the curtain goes down, we could lose literally anyone at any time. I'm not crying. You're crying.

With that being said, what could be a greater tribute to these insanely epic characters than having a beloved animal named in their honor? And while you might not be the only of the 38 million GoT viewers with a pup named after Arya, there's a whole kingdom filled with fun and often very unusual names to choose from.

Take a look below to find some GoT inspiration for the newest addition to your family, to live on long after the TV goes dark.



Funniest character on GoT ever? The man is a real wild card, but he's definitely someone you would want on your side during a battle.

A big hulking St. Bernard, for example, deserves a name like Tormund. The kind of animal that would definitely make you feel safe and protected while staying alone with in a cabin in the woods.



A pet called Bronn has a mind of their own and a real personality. Perhaps a good name for a talking bird that you plan to teach to mock and poke fun at your friends?



OK, so she's a bit of a controversial character. But it's kind of the perfect name for a snake, or perhaps a particularly moody cat?



There's no denying he's had a tough road to hoe, old Theon. But when it comes to loyalty, he's got it on lock. If you want to have the type of pet that never leaves your side, tossing a little Theon energy their way is a great start.



Speaking of loyalty, in addition to simply being fun to say, as Tyrion once said, "there has never been a more loyal squire."

Podrick is the type of pet that you can talk to, you know? When no one else is around, Podrick (or Pod, for short) is going to be there for you.



Again, it's true that you might be among the hundreds of other pet owners at the dog park calling out for an Arya.

But she killed the freaking Night King, so she basically deserves to be honored in name by all the guinea pigs and golden retrievers until the end of days.



Why choose one Stark when you could honor them all? Depending on your mood and how your pet is behaving, of course, you could be referring to Catelyn, Benjen, Bran, Sansa, Robb...the list goes on. All Stark, all the time.



One of the greatest and shocking tragedies was when Hodor died at the Three-Eyed Raven's northern compound. An act of true bravery and sacrifice, any animal would be so lucky to be named after this lovable, terribly missed man.



How many people do you think were simultaneously crying when Brienne was knighted? No one has ever deserved to be a knight more than she has. A great name for a brave, regal pet.


Grey Wind

One of the greatest losses was the dual death of Robb Stark and Grey Wind. This was a dog who could literally sense betrayal before it happened. Who doesn't want a pet like that?



He's a darling man, and is always in the process of having to prove himself. No, he's not the greatest in battle, but Samwell has heart, and is an extremely cute name for a loving animal.



The beloved direwolf pup raised by Jon Snow is the one of only two still alive. Enough said. Let's hope it stays that way, because who would be able to handle Ghost dying, honestly?



Tyrion has always been a pretty badass character, simply because his wits are so razor sharp. An animal with with a whole lot of spunk would be so deserving of his name, in my estimation.

Naming a pet after Tyrion, and then perhaps another pet after Sansa, would also be a great way to ship them, no?



I mean, you could name a pet Rhaegal, or Viserion, too, but let's be honest, Drogon is the most badass, and he's Dany's favorite.



A beautiful name, a beautiful man. You could just straight up do it and name your pet after Jon Snow. I wouldn't blame you.

The truth is, my friends, you have a plethora of names to choose from, and these are but a few. If these don't float your boat, maybe get yourself on GoT Wiki, or, you know, start the whole series again.