15 Intense Shows On Netflix That Have Shocking Twists

Steve Dietl/Netflix

Whatever your mood may be, there always seems to be a Netflix show to go with it. Need to relax? Turn on The Office for the 55,000th time, and feel yourself melt into the couch. Want to be inspired? Pop on Planet Earth, and soak up the wonders of nature. But if you want to get your blood pumping and your mind turning, you'll want to scan through all the intense shows on Netflix, for something a little different.

And, of course, there are plenty of things to choose from. Take You, for instance. This series is about a bookstore owner who becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer, to the point that he stalks her online in order to become her perfect partner. It's creepy, and comes with a surprise ending.

There's also the likes of Oasis, which shows what could happen if a dating app went digging through your brain, in order to match you with your soulmate. Or Maniac, which proves you might not want to take the easy way out of solving your problems.

If you're looking for something kind of dark or intense, then scan through the 15 shows below for more options, and see which ones pique your interest. They all promise to be interesting, and chock full of twists and turns.



When a bookstore owner becomes enamored with a lovely writer, he uses his internet skills to learn all about her, so she won't be able to turn him down.



If you were given the chance to take a drug that would solve all your problems, would you do it? In Maniac, two people are willing to give it a try. But it doesn't necessarily go as planned.


'The OA'

In The OA, a blind girl, who went missing for seven years, returns home one day with her sight restored. While many people believe it's a miracle, others think she can't be trusted.


'The Haunting Of Hill House'

If there's a show on Netflix with twists and turns, it's The Haunting of Hill House. Based loosely on the book by Shirley Jackson, this story bounces between past and present, as it tells the story of a very complicated family — and their very complicated house.


'Black Mirror'

With four seasons currently on Netflix, there's no shortage of ups and downs from this creepy sci-fi series. Each show tells its own story — usually about the dark side of technology — and each one gets weirder than the next.



This British TV series follows detectives as they investigate the case of a murdered woman. But when they start receiving mysterious messages from a "ghost detective," the whole story takes a turn.


'The Fall'

In The Fall, a complex yet committed detective tries to overcome her own personal demons, while also getting inside the head of a seemingly family-oriented man.


'Black Summer'

If you love all things zombie-related, check out Black Summer, which follows several characters as they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. With plenty of scary living people, as well as vicious stop-at-nothing-to-catch-you zombies, your heart is guaranteed to be pounding the entire time.



This is a super intense series about a divided world, where everyone's given the chance to make it to a "better side," but only three percent succeed.



Once eight people from around the world realize they are all mentally linked, they must work together to survive being hunted down by folks who view them as a threat, in this dramatic sci-fi series.



Set in a German town where children keep going missing, Dark takes you in all sorts of surprising directions, including back (and forward) in time.


'How To Get Away With Murder'

This is the story of a criminal defense professor and her law students who become involved in a twisted murder case, which might just end up changing their lives.


'Stranger Things'

Right when you think Stranger Things is just going to be another "kids on bikes" type of a show, it takes you in all sorts of interesting, and thrilling, and "upside down" directions.



This drama follows young FBI trainees as they go through bootcamp in Quantico, Virginia, until one is accused of being a sleeper terrorist.



In Osmosis, Parisian singles use a dating app that mines data from inside their brains, in order to match them with their ideal soulmate. But of course it can't be that easy.

If you want an intense show with a twist or two, check these shows out on Netflix. You'll be confused, entertained, and all sorts of intrigued.