21 Addictive Shows On Netflix To Marathon Watch When You Need Something New

by Eva Taylor Grant

Whether you're someone who always catches the newest thing, or watches The Office on repeat, there's always still the inevitable moment when you finish a series and need something new to watch. Yes it's an annoying feeling, but whatever you're searching for, Netflix is there to deliver.

Even if you're fed up with your current Watchlist, there are seemingly-endless show to browse that could be your next favorite thing. But for anyone who's ever been stuck scrolling through options only to end up watching the same show for the tenth time, you know sometimes that isn't a viable option.

Luckily, there are certain shows that the Internet has dubbed up-and-comers or hidden gems. These amazing shows may not be showing up on your Netflix front page, but they still might be exactly what you're looking for. So instead of exhausting all of your suggested options in frustration, try checking out these shows you may have previously overlooked.

Of course, not every show will feel marathon-worthy immediately. But when you've found something that piques your interest, it may be enough to get you excited to watch it exclusively for a while. And there are few better feelings than having stumbled upon something you truly love.

Here are 21 addictive shows on Netflix to marathon watch when you need something new.


'Schitt's Creek'

Don't let the heavy-handed title fool you. This Canadian comedy is one of the most heartfelt shows on television.

Come for the hilarious hijinx of the Rose family's fall from grace, and stay for the courage, resilience, and love they have for one another. You won't be able to stop watching.


'Derry Girls'

For a show set in conflict-ridden 1990s Northern Ireland, this quirky high school comedy really strikes a chord.

You don't need to be a history buff to love this hidden Netflix gem. You'll get a heavy dose of nostalgia from Derry Girls — even if your teenage experience looked nothing like this.


'Parts Unknown'

Whether you mourned Anthony Bourdain's passing or have been largely unfamiliar with his work, tuning into Parts Unknown is worthwhile.

Parts Unknown is full of life. You can tune into the final season now, or start from scratch. At any point in this show, you'll learn about food, politics, and culture, and develop a newfound appreciation for Bourdain's incredible personality.



Mindhunter checks off a bunch of genre boxes: true crime, drama, romance, procedural.

Set in the late 1970s, two FBI agents (one of whom is Jonathan Groff), expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder. The show involves the origin of the word "serial killer" and an incredible portrayal of Ed Kemper by Cameron Britton.


'Grace and Frankie'

You don't have to be Grace and Frankie's age to appreciate Grace and Frankie.

This below-the-radar comedy explores the lives of two women who bond when their husbands leave them for each other. Hilarious and sweet, Grace and Frankie is the perfect next marathon if you're in the market for a good comedy.


'Call The Midwife'

Love a good period drama? Have a bit of a taste for British television? Call The Midwife might be your next favorite thing.

This BBC show follows nurses, midwives, and nuns who visit expectant mothers in Poplar, London, providing the neighborhood's poorest women with the best possible care. You'll be hooked on the heartwarming storylines.


'Cable Girls'

This Netflix original, Cable Girls (original Spanish title, Las Chicas Del Cable), is a high-spirited feminist drama that's instantly addictive.

Set in 1920s Madrid, four women at the National Telephone Company balance work and their personal lives in a revolutionary way.


'Comedians Of The World'

If standup comedy is your thing, but you've watched all the standalone specials you can get your hands on, then it's time to tune into Comedians of the World.

Amazing comics from the USA like Nicole Byer, and others from as far as the Netherlands, Brazil, India, and South Africa, will keep you laughing for an entire season of 30-minute specials.


'Sex Education'

This new 2019 Netflix original will start with a cringeworthy thought: what if your parent had been a sex guru while you were at your most insecure in high school?

For Otis, this is his everyday reality. And the stakes are heightened when his classmate proposes a sex therapy clinic. Find out what all the fuss is about from this new show, and instantly get hooked.


'Salt Fat Acid Heat'

If you're a food show buff in the market for a new show to watch, then Salt Fat Acid Heat is a surefire next pick.

Whether or not you've read her book, Samin Nosrat's show is a fascinating and soul-affirming exploration of the four basic keys to wonderful cooking. You'll get to feast your eyes on amazing meals, while gathering tips along the way.


'Dark Tourist'

If you like things on the more morbid side, then Netflix's Dark Tourist might be the next show for you.

Journalist David Farrier takes the viewer with him as he visits unusual and macabre tourist sites around the world. You'll get your travel show fix while indulging your flair for the strange and unusual.



While it seems the whole internet is watching You on Netflix, don't let the hype drive you away. The show is definitely worth checking out.

Penn Badgley's terrifying stalker character seems like an awkwardly charming bookstore clerk, but is much more sinister. Find out why people are questioning everything after watching this show.


'American Vandal'

American Vandal's trailer might seem crude. But for comedy lovers, this show is really a hidden gem.

With writers like Jaboukie Young-White (of Twitter and Daily Show fame), this two-series true crime mockumentary is great for tongue and cheek true crime fans and comedy nerds alike.


'Big Dreams Small Spaces'

Searching for something truly escapist? This British garden show on Netflix is going to take you exactly where you want to be.

Big Dreams Small Spaces follows British families looking to transform their gardens into something magnificent. You'll feel immediately soothed and may even gather some inspiration.



Elite is another Netflix teen drama that everyone is talking about. And even if you haven't payed much attention to this genre since Gossip Girl, it's a great chance to get reacquainted.

Elite follows three working-class teens enrolled in a posh private school in Spain, with a clash between the outcasts and in-crowd eventually leading to murder. There's only one season so far, and you can easily watch it over a weekend.


'Alias Grace'

Are you a huge Handmaid's Tale fan? A Margaret Atwood enthusiast? Or just someone who loves a good story? Alias Grace might just be your next favorite thing.

Set in 19th-century Canada, famed murderess Grace Marks gets studied by a psychiatrist to see if she's really lost her memory. The showrunner Sarah Polley spent 20 years adapting Atwood's book, and the series really does it justice.


'Evil Genius'

When you feel like you've seen everything true crime, Evil Genius will blow your mind.

The "Pizza Bomber" case unravels into a baffling story of a truly diabolical bank heist. You'll be fascinated by the characters, and won't want to stop watching until you get to the truth.


'Chewing Gum'

If you've watched every American sitcom you can get your hands on, but aren't really into period pieces, then you might find your new favorite show in Chewing Gum.

Tracey, who was raised strictly religious, gets to 24 and decides she wants to have sex. You may have seen the viral clip of Tracey getting a date in 30 seconds, but you definitely need to see more.


'Chef's Table'

Chef's Table is another treat for food lovers and documentary addicts alike.

Each episode of this Netflix series from the director of Jiro Dreams Of Sushi travels to the farthest reaches of the world to find ambitious chefs and amazing stories. There's something soothing and inspiring about the message and tone of this show, which you won't be able to stop watching.


'The Borgias'

You may faintly remember learning about Pope Alexander VI in history class, Rodrigo Borgia, but may not know that he and his family inspired The Godfather.

This period drama from Showtime is decadent and indulgent. War, orgies, and historic intrigue abound. Even though it's historical fiction, you'll still be enthralled about finding out what happens to Jeremy Irons and his bloodthirsty family next.



In the mood for a classic political drama? BBC's Bodyguard has got you covered.

After helping fend off a terrorist attack, a war veteran (Richard Madden) is assigned to protect Britain's Home Secretary: a main proponent of the war he fought in. This thriller is nonstop, and perfect for you if you like to be on the edge of your seat, even when you're at home watching Netflix.

Of course, you may not find your perfect marathon watch on the first go, but with Netflix's vast array of original series and TV hits, you're likely to find something great even more quickly than you'd think.