20 Mind-Bending Movies On Netflix You'll Be Analyzing For Weeks After Watching

Wild Bunch

Sometimes it's fun to plop down with a popcorn-friendly movie, letting your brain free-float through a sea of breezy jokes and obvious plot points. But occasionally, you might be in the mood for a flick that's a little more unconventional, something challenging and the film equivalent of an optical illusion. When that mood strikes, we've got you covered; here are 20 mind-bending movies on Netflix you'll be analyzing for weeks.

While some of the films below, like Moon, have plenty of plot twists to them, they also still leave many questions open-ended. Following the möbius-twist plot of Donnie Darko will require some mental gymnastics, but that still doesn't hit at the heart of the decisions and conclusions people come to, and why. Amanda Knox, a documentary about a trial, can't offer a straightforward solution even after all evidence is presented. They Look Like People, meanwhile, has multiple unreliable narrators, creating a tense situation where viewers are put in the same confusion as characters, unsure whether what they've seen can be taken at face value.

And then there are some films so odd, they might just melt your brain. Each choice in Battlefield Earth, for instance, was made with deliberate intention and a ridiculously high budget to back it, something that will pop back into your mind months after watching. Check out these movies and prepare yourself to be questioning them for weeks after you watch them.