15 #LoveMeansSometimesHavingToSay Tweets That Are Too Real

by Sarah Fielding

There are as many types of love as there are ways to say it. It can be expressed through words, as well as gestures. It presents itself in good times and bad, and at simple moments in life. Well, the Internet decided it was time to discuss all the things love brings. As it often finds a way to do, Twitter has taken this emotion and transformed it into a trending hashtag #LoveMeansSometimesHavingToSay, with users sharing how they choose to express their love.

A spin-off of the famous quote from Love Story, "Love means never having to say you're sorry," the collection of tweets ranges from funny and sweet to serious and supportive. While it's clear that most are referencing a significant other, a variety can also be applied to platonic or familial love.

Overall, the tweets acknowledge that there are many sacrifices we make and moments of honesty that occur when we love someone. A few users go further to explain that sometimes love means that it's necessary to separate yourself from the other person, for reasons that could be as simple as love for yourself. Sometimes you need to focus on self-love and realize that there are others you feel that could be hurting you. In the end, they show that each love is unique to those experiencing it. Read on for some of the best #LoveMeansSometimesHavingToSay tweets.


Really, I Love Them


Throwing It Through The Door


Giving Up Prized Possessions


Telling The Smelly Truth


Supporting Them Unconditionally


Leaving When It's Best


Giving Them The Win


Conquering Problems Together


Embracing Who You Are


Letting The Silence Speak Volumes


Admitting When You're Wrong


Accepting Their Kindness


Saying It In Other Ways


Knowing When Words Fail

If you're in love, giving your partner the last taco isn't a bad tradeoff for a lifetime of happiness together. Whatever type of love you have in your life, express it both genuinely and passionately — and always remember to enjoy it.