15 Insta Captions About The Hell That Is Mercury Retrograde Falling On Halloween

Halloween costume witch girl portrait in a cornfield at sunset. Beautiful serious young woman in witches hat with long black hair and dark lips. Magic forest background. Halloween holiday concept

Have things been feeling just a little bit too normal for you lately? Have you noticed that chaos hasn't seemed to follow your every move? Has it felt slightly unsettling that things that been running so smoothly? If so, that's all about to change, because Mercury retrograde is almost here. On Oct. 31 — yes, on Halloween — Mercury will go retrograde for the last time in 2019 in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and things will feel wonky until it ends on Nov. 20. While it won't ruin your life... probably... it is totally within your rights to act like it is on social media. If this is something you want to do, you're going to need a Mercury retrograde Instagram caption to accompany your post.

Who can blame you, anyway? After all, it is quite a cruel trick of the universe to make Mercury retrograde begin on one of the most fun holidays of the year. Although the planetary phenomenon is often dramatized, it still comes with its share of negatives: Mercury is the planet that rules communication, and when it goes retrograde, it can leave us all struggling to get through to others or to fully understand what someone else is trying to say. It has also been known to mess with technology and travel, and it's not the best time to make any big decisions.

So are you ready for spooky season to combine with Mercury retrograde? Here are a few Instagram caption ideas for the occasion to get you in the mood:


"Buckle up, because Mercury retrograde starts on Halloween and doesn't end for almost a month."



"When u find out your Halloween plans will be wrecked by Mercury retrograde..."


"This upcoming Mercury retrograde... happening on Halloween..... under Scorpio... it TRULY is spooky szn huh?"


"The scariest thing about Halloween this year is that it’s the start of Mercury Retrograde."


"Mercury retrograde starts on Halloween and I’m not mentally prepared for what’s to come."


"We're in mercury retrograde shadow.. It hits fully on Halloween. This explains so much now."


"Mercury made me do it."


"Hey Mercury, it's me. Can you not on Halloween?"


"What you've ignored, Mercury has unearthed."


"Go home Mercury, it's Halloween."


"Mercury retrograde doesn't create the 'stuff,' it just makes a bit of a mess of it." — Jodi Livon


"The world isn't ending. Mercury is just retrograding."


"Mercury retrograde on Halloween? A true nightmare."


"A Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that starts on Halloween? I can just imagine all the scary things that will come back to haunt me."


"Who said Mercury retrograde could start on Halloween?!"