15 Movies To Watch Right Now If You're Obsessed With Netflix's 'GLOW'

Everyone's obsessed with Netflix's '80s-set show GLOW, and for good reason. The series follows an eclectic group of women who together formed the female wrestling team called GLOW, or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and it's a total blast to watch. If you're already done with Season 2's episodes but are craving more, these 15 movies are perfect for GLOW fans to watch. The films on this list encapsulate the elements of the Netflix series that make it stand out, from the very '80s outfits to the female athletes showing off their skills.

Although many fans of GLOW are disappointed that the show hasn't officially been picked up yet for a third season, it seems more likely than not that the news is coming soon. After all, reviews of the second season are glowing, and fans have devoured each half-hour installment. But until that renewal is announced, audiences are at a loss for more GLOW — that is, unless they watch one of the movies on the list below. These 15 films are great choices to view if you can't get enough of the Netflix hit or just want some great on-screen entertainment in your life. And really, who doesn't?


'GLOW: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling'

The documentary about the real members of GLOW is a must-watch because, well, duh. It's on Netflix, so you don't have to go far after watching GLOW.


'A League Of Their Own'

Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) and GLOW's Sam have a lot more in common than becoming leaders of all-women's sports teams. Fortunately, they both have capable women, Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), to keep things together. Rent the movie on Amazon or iTunes.



If your favorite part of Glow is the outrageous costumes worn, then you should definitely check out this classic. Kevin Bacon's got moves almost like Yolanda's (Shakira Barrera) in GLOW. You can stream the movie with STARZ or rent it from Amazon or iTunes.


'Whip It'

Crazy outfits, a group of women, and contact sports. This Ellen Paige-starring movie is a perfect watch for all GLOW. You can stream Whip It on HBO Go.


'...All The Marbles'

This film follows a man named Harry (Peter Falk) who manages two female wrestlers who make up the tag team called The California Dolls. They tour the country together, which could give you an idea of what you might be able to expect for GLOW's third season. You can only rent All the Marbles on Amazon.



Like in GLOW, the hair, the outfits, and the dance-movies in this movie perfectly capture the '80s. Both share stories of determined women struggling to "make it," and they're equally as exciting to watch. You can rent Flashdance on Amazon or iTunes.


'Bend It Like Beckham'

For women in any sport, whether it be wrestling or soccer, a certain amount of disapproval from various people is basically a given, whether it be your own families or concerned audiences. Both GLOW and Bend It Like Beckham proves that a strong team morale can triumph over the naysayers. Rent it on Amazon or iTunes.


'Sunset Boulevard'

As athletic as many scenes of GLOW are, viewers never forget that most of the women on the wrestling team are actors, first. Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) in Sunset Boulevard definitely seems like a character-inspiration for Debbie (Betty Gilpin) in GLOW. You can stream the film on Amazon or iTunes.



Part of what makes GLOW so cool is the women who help coach the team members in actual wrestling. If you're into that world, Wildcats is a great choice. Rent it on Amazon or iTunes.


'Zack And Miri Make A Porno'

Wrestling wasn't exactly what GLOW's Ruth saw for her acting career, and she even considered doing porn when she'd almost lost all her hope. This movie is about what happens when two people do turn to porn in times of financial crisis. You can stream it with a Showtime subscription.


'Battle Of The Sexes'

This movie captures everything that GLOW represents: female athletes kicking butt, putting on a great show, and wearing colorful clothes of the past. You can't rent this one but you can buy it on iTunes and have it for re-watches later.


'42nd Street'

Sam sees himself as a true director and artist in GLOW, and his character often resembles a director of a show like the one in the classic musical 42nd Street. It's available for rent on Amazon and iTunes.



Michelle Rodriguez finds joy in the ring, just like all of the characters in GLOW do. Girlfight is available on the Sundance Now channel with Amazon Prime, or you can rent it from Amazon or iTunes.


'8 1/2'

Sam's use of the women in GLOW as muses sometimes seems like a direct descendent of Federico Fellini's 8 1/2. Rent it on Amazon or iTunes.


'Queens Of The Ring'

Did you know that the WWE has made movies? Well, it has, and this one is practically a more modern-version of GLOW. You can rent Queens of the Ring on Amazon or iTunes.

Get ready to be a Gorgeous Lady Of Watching Movies.