15 ‘O.C.’ Moments That Unexpectedly Made You Cry — Both Happy & Sad Tears

by Tatiana Tenreyro
Warner Bros

The best thing about The O.C. is how invested you can get in the characters' lives and feelings. If you’re a fan of the show, chances are you have cried at some point while watching it. The O.C. has plenty of heartbreaking moments, yet while some are clearly meant to make you sob (hi, Marissa's death) others take an emotional toll that's totally unexpected.

And it's not just the sad moments we're talking about here. There are some amazing scenes from The O.C. that’ll make you break down in happy tears, too. It’s nearly impossible to watch the finale, for instance, and see Seth and Summer’s wedding and Julie’s family cheering her on as she receives her diploma, without shedding a tear. Each character on the show faces plenty of painful experiences, so seeing them face those moments and successfully overcome them is truly touching.

But really, there are just as many moments when you’ll find yourself unexpectedly crying just because you desperately want the best for everyone. The O.C. is a very emotional show, OK? Each season is packed with harrowing and joyous occasions that’ll want to make you reach through your TV screen and hug the characters. So if you’re feeling nostalgic and need a good cry this weekend, here are 15 moments in The O.C. that'll almost definitely make you burst into tears.


Kirsten Being Drunk At Caleb's Funeral

Seeing Kirsten trying to cope with her father's death by drinking at his funeral and causing a scene is so depressing, considering how out of character it is for her.


Ryan Saying "I Love You" To Taylor

After Ryan finally tells Taylor he loves her and things seem to heading towards smooth sailing, an earthquake hits town. Ryan proves to Taylor how much she really means to him by protecting her — even if it means hurting himself in the process.


Anna Moving To Pittsburgh

Let's face it: Anna is one of the best characters on the show. Even though Seth breaks her heart and Summer ends up dating him, Anna remains a loyal friend who truly cares about both of them. Seeing how much Seth means to her when she's about to leave Newport is so heartwarming.


The Cohens Asking Kirsten To Go To Rehab

Kirsten's alcoholism is one of the saddest arcs of The O.C. When the boys finally intervene and beg her to go to rehab, with Ryan saying he doesn't want to lose yet another parent to alcoholism, you'll find yourself getting misty-eyed.


Johnny Dying

Johnny may be despised by fans, but his death is still sad because you can see how much it affects the rest of the characters. You can't help but feel for Marissa and Ryan as they grapple with it and blame themselves.


Marissa Dying

Even Marissa haters might find themselves crying during the scene of her death, as Ryan carries her lifeless body and tries to save her.


The Cohen House Getting Destroyed In The Earthquake

The earthquake episode is one of the saddest ones post-Marissa, and the most heartbreaking part is knowing the Cohens' house doesn't survive. Seeing the place where many of the show's best moments occurred being destroyed and the family struggling to find a new place is a sob-worthy moment.


Taylor's Mom Being The Worst

Taylor may start off as a mean girl, but by Season 4 she becomes one of the most lovable characters. It's so frustrating to watch her constantly deal with her mom's bullying ways.


Seth And Summer Getting Married

Seth and Summer go through a lot in their relationship, from Seth having to pick between Summer and Anna, to living on opposite coasts. Seeing them finally get married is so heartwarming.


Julie Getting Her Diploma

Julie Cooper is one of the most controversial characters on the show, continuously making bad decisions while deep down inside having good intentions. It's hard to not feel proud of her, though, as she's shown receiving her diploma with the support of Kaitlin, Bullit, Frank, and their son.


Summer Getting Kicked Out Of Brown

Summer is kicked out of college all thanks to Che and it's one of the most painful scenes to watch. She's so focused on her studies and her newfound passion for protecting the environment that it's infuriating to see her lose that all thanks to a man.


Ryan Moving Back To Chino

It's clear by the end of the first season that Ryan has become part of the Cohen family, so when he tells them that he's going to move back to Chino because Theresa is pregnant, it's so sad — especially when the whole scene is set to tearjerker "Hallelujah."


Caleb Dying

Caleb isn't the best father, but watching him die without Kirsten receiving proper closure after having a heated argument over her alcoholism is so tragic.


Ryan Telling Julie About The First Time He Saw Marissa

Even though Julie often mistreats Ryan, they share a touching moment where they bond over fond memories of Marissa.


Summer Leaving The Airport To Go Find Seth

Summer and Seth's relationship occasionally hits some rough patches, causing Summer to find romance with Zach, the jock and comic book nerd who's great for her in many ways. Once the relationship gets more serious, though, Summer is faced with choosing between Seth and Zach. In an emotional scene, Summer decides to follow her heart and be with Seth.

If you want to revisit all these feelings, it's time to rewatch The O.C.