15 Punny Halloween Costumes You Still Have Time To Buy


In the beginning of October, you come up with some pretty big plans for your Halloween costume — you might imagine it being elaborate, homemade, and cool enough to win some big costume contests. But then life happens, things get in the way, and all of the sudden it's a few days before Halloween and you realize you literally have no idea what to dress up as, let alone what to wear. It happens to the best of us! That's why it's always good to have some ideas for easy last-minute costumes that can be put together super quickly, and ideally with items you already own (or can buy quickly). It's even better if they're amusing to look at, so you score points that way. There are some great punny last-minute Halloween costumes that you can definitely use this year if needed.

Some of these are so good, actually, that they might not even end up as a last resort type of costume. You might decide in advance to do one of them, and you know what? I don't blame you. They're inexpensive, they're super simple, and they're basically stress-free. Because, really, how fun is Halloween when you're scrambling to put together the "perfect" costume? It's not that fun.

Below are a few hilarious punny Halloween costume ideas you can put together no matter what day or time it is. You'll still get lots of likes on Instagram, and probably some cool points with your friends. Enjoy!


Deviled Egg

Red Devil Ears Tail, Bowtie Set, $5, Amazon

Colored Yellow Paper, $13, Staples

Vintage Short Sleeve V-neck, $8 - $20, The Gap

This costume uses something you already have, and two things you can easily purchase. Grab a white tee, and get yourself some yellow construction paper. You can easily cut the paper into a round shape, like a yolk, then glue it onto the middle of your shirt to look like an egg. Add devil ears and a tail, and voila: you're a deviled egg.


Ceiling Fan

Tulip Fine Writers Fabric Markers, $2, Michael's

Smiffy's Women's Cheerleader Costume, $13 - $35, Amazon

Giant #1 Foam Finger, $13, Amazon

This costume can be done one of two ways: if you already have a cheerleading uniform, you can write "go ceiling" on it (or write that on paper and stick it to the uniform) and you're good to go. You can also buy an inexpensive one at a costume store. If you don't want to do that, write "go ceiling" on a tee you don't mind ruining, grab a foam finger (or whatever type of thing like that you have lying around), and that's it.



7-11 Logo Stickers, $2, RedBubble

Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, price varies, Target

Oulooy Women's Pink Costume Dress, $45, Amazon

This very excellent idea is inspired by this Instagram post, and is great for fans of Stranger Things and 7-11 alike, as it mixes the two together. Make yourself a 7-11 tag and hat with stickers, buy a Big Gulp or Slurpie, carry around Eggo's, and wear a pink dress like Eleven.


Sugar Mama

BabyBjorn, $80, Target

10-pound bag of Domino Sugar, $1, Amazon

Moms out there: this one should be pretty simple. Use a baby bjorn if you already have one, and put a bag of sugar in it. That's literally it.


Formal Apology

Want You To Want Me Midi Dress, $58, Lulu's

This is another extremely simple costume that won't require you to buy anything. Grab any formal dress you have (black might be best, but not a big deal if it isn't). Write "I'm sorry" on a piece of paper and tape it to your dress. You're a formal apology!


Law Suit

FunCostumes Mens Black Suit Costume, $40, Amazon

Wear a suit (borrowed, something you already have, or an inexpensive costume suit) and tape official-looking law papers all over it. This is especially clever if you're a law student.


Social Butterfly

Douglas Orange Monarch Wings, $15, Amazon

Social Media Icons Stickers, $2, Etsy

If you have butterfly wings from a previous costume laying around, or ones you can borrow from someone else, this is a great costume idea — but you can also easily purchase them at most costume stores. Put on the wings, and stick social media stickers all over your body. You can even just print out little logos and tape them on your shirt.


Smart Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie T-Shirt, $20, CafePress

Class Nerd Glasses, $7, Party City

OK, two options: buy a shirt with a cookie on it, then add "nerd" glasses. Or print out a picture of a cookie and tape it on a shirt you already have. Either way, this is cute.


Bread Winner

Wonder White Bread, price varies, Walmart

US Olympics Toy Medal, $5, Amazon

If you already have a medal or necklace, this one is super simple. Wear the medal or carry the trophy (the medal is definitely easier) and carry a loaf of bread. You can also buy a medal from Amazon or a costume store.


French Kiss

Classic Striped T-shirt, $49, J Crew

ZLYC Wool Beret, $14, Amazon

This one is simple if you own a striped shirt and feel comfortable doing the makeup. Wear a striped shirt and the beret (or carry around a loaf of French bread), then follow the makeup tutorial below.


Pig In A Blanket

Pig Ears, Nose, and Tail Set, $10, Amazon

Fuzzy Blanket Throw, $15, Target

Buy a set of pig ears, nose, and tail (available at most costume shops, or Amazon!) and wrap a blanket around yourself. Bonus points if you have a pink shirt and shoes.



Fine Tip Waterproof Skin Marker, $6, Sportsafe

This literally could not be more simple: write Facebook on your face. Go out. Have fun.


Freudian Slip

Vanity Fair Daywear Slip, $26, Kohl's

If you already own a slip you feel comfortable wearing out, then this will be especially easy. Put on the slip, maybe a pair of slippers, then write Freudian words on little labels and put them all over your slip.


Identity Theft

Avery Name Tags, $7, Staples

Wild Fable Cropped Zip-Up Hoodie, $18, Target

Slip into a black hoodie, with the hood up, and write different names all over name tags, then stick them all over your hoodie. Now your identity theft!



AE Soft & Sexy Ribbed Baby Tee, $25, American Eagle Outfittters

This couldn't be more simple: wear a tee, any tee. Glue a bunch of nickels to the back. It won't exactly be comfortable, but it will be clever.