15 Rules You Broke In The '90s

by Megan Grant

Even the most overachieving, eager-to-please '90s child would probably agree that there was something alluring about doing what you were told not to. I'd be willing to be money that you had a few rules you broke in the '90s when your parents weren't around to stop you. Even though you knew they wouldn't approve. Even though you knew that they'd be... maybe not mad. Just... disappointed. In my house, I was always being reminded to share with my brother and sister. That was the rule. We shared. But when no one was around to stop me, that Bath and Body Works lotion was mine and mine only, dang it. Do you hear?

There was only so much trouble we could get into at the time. Our internet use wasn't nearly as savvy as kids today are used to, and social media was mainly limited to MySpace and LiveJournal. But boy, could we cause on ruckus on AOL Instant Messenger. Dramatic, passive-aggressive away messages and late-night gossiping with your BFF? Definitely against the household rules.

I was your classic teacher's pet and wanted so badly to impress the adults around me; but even I had a little fun now and again doing things that I knew were a no-no. Children of the '90s, any of this bad behavior sound familiar?


Staying Up Late To Watch 'The Real World'

Bedtime? What bedtime? There are no rules!


Making Prank Phone Calls

You little rabble-rouser, you.


Sitting In The Back Of The Movie Theater On A Date

You were very specifically told that you must be in the middle or front, where you could be seen. Way to follow the rules — NOT.


Totally Breaking Your School's Dress Code On Purpose

You folded the waistband of your pleated skirt one extra time and wore a spaghetti strap tank top that was most def not allowed.


Wearing Fake Piercings And Terrifying Your Parents

"What did you do to your face? What happened to your nose? What did you do with my child????"


Eating Sugary Cereals For Breakfast

Like cereal in the shape of cookies and French toast. And lots of marshmallows. In fact, you'd save the marshmallows for last.


... And Junk Food For Lunch...

You'd eat the frosting from your Dunkaroos straight-up – no cookie. Wild.


Using Your Super Soaker Inside The House

You were basically asking to be grounded, but whatever.


Watching R-Rated Movies When The Adults Weren't Around

You are so bad!


Eating Your Mr. Sketch Markers On A Dare

Your mother patiently explained that although it smelled like grape, it did not taste like grape. You chose not to listen.


Spelling Out Cuss Words On Your TI-83

Good thing it was so easy to destroy the evidence.


Using The Internet To Join Chat Rooms And Talk To Strangers

It was, uh, a study group. Yeah. That's it.


Starting Relationships On MySpace

Your parents warned you, but you couldn't help yourself. It was so forbidden. So rebellious. So... dangerous.


Rewinding Kids Movies Looking For Dirty Jokes

Aladdin really did show us a whole new world. And Genie. And Kronk. And Hercules. And the bus driver in Hocus Pocus.


Eating The Dessert From Your Kid Cuisine TV Dinner And Tossing The Rest

The chocolate pudding with candy in it was so good — who cared about the corn?!