15 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Can Make Anxiety Worse

While no one begins their day with the goal of feeling more worried or stressed out, there are certainly a few things that make anxiety worse, including many common habits anxious folks might unknowingly engage in every day. Without even realizing it, you could be amping up your stress levels, contributing to negative thought patterns, and feeling more anxious as a result — all thanks to little habits like drinking too much coffee, not getting enough sleep, and overpacking your schedule.

There is good news, though. Once you realize these habits can increase anxiety levels, it's pretty easy to change them, or even replace them with habits that are healthier. "Addressing anxiety through increased mindfulness and making little tweaks to everyday habits can help you to feel empowered, which is a great step to having a happier, healthier you," Tiffany Towers, PsyD a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist, tells Bustle.

Swapping out bad habits for good ones often works wonders for mild anxiety. And it can be a great addition to treatment for more intense anxiety. But sometimes, you might need something a bit more. As Towers says, "If you still find that you are often anxious, it can help to talk to a professional to understand the underlying root causes for your anxiety." Here are a few habits to keep an eye on in the meantime, since experts say many of them can make anxiety worse.