15 Shows On Netflix With Near-Perfect IMDB Scores

Ever notice how, when you're in the mood for a new TV show, most of the decision making process involves weeding through all the options on Netflix? It's so easy to spend hours scrolling through, reading reviews, scrolling some more, and then never actually watching anything.

We've all been there, so I say let's do ourselves a favor, and save some time, by narrowing down the list to Netflix shows with near-perfect IMDB scores. In doing so, it'll be easier to find something that'll strike your fancy, so you can have the Netflix binge-watching weekend of your dreams.

Of course, it's obviously no big deal if you choose something and end up hating it. Sometimes, you gotta take a risk on a show with a low rating, or one with a few bad reviews. And sometimes it pays off. After all, there are so many shows available, you really can't go too wrong. And if you want to move on to something new, well, that's the joy of streaming services.

But, by sticking to a ratings system, you really can spare yourself the famed hours-long decision making process. Whether you're into feel-good comedy, creepy sci-fi, British dramas, cooking competitions, classic series, or travel shows, there's always plenty to choose from. And it's true that the IMDB ratings system hardly ever fails. If they say it's good, it tends to be good.

Here are 15 of the best shows on Netflix right now, all of which have an IMDB score of 8 or higher.


'Arrested Development': 8.9

If it's been a minute since you last watched Arrested Development — or if you've yet to grace your brain with its hilarity — now's your chance. All five seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, for your binge-watching pleasure.


'Shameless': 8.7

The ninth season of Shameless is coming out in September 2018, so do yourself a favor and start catching up now.


'Sense8': 8.4

In the mood for a highly-rated sci-fi drama? Then Sense8 may be your new fave. It's by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, of The Matrix fame, if that gives you any idea of its coolness factor.


'Stranger Things': 8.9

If you're looking for something creepy and fun with hardcore 80s nostalgia, look no further. Stranger Things has an astounding rating of 8.9 for a reason, folks. Check it out.


'The Fall': 8.2

If you're curious to see Jamie Dornan play a different role than Christian Grey — sort of — then start bingingThe Fall. It takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, following a complex female lead as she tries to catch a wanted murder, strangling women throughout the city.


'The Crown': 8.7

Are British TV shows your cup of tea? Then you might want to give The Crown, which follows the story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, a try.


'The Staircase': 8.2

Fans of Making A Murderer should definitely check out The Staircase, which follows the trial of novelist Michael Peterson, a man who was convicted of murdering his wife in 2003.


'Queer Eye': 8.7

If you watched and loved Queer Eye for the Straight Guy back in the early aughts, then you need to see this charming, touching, hilarious reboot. Queer Eye is won-der-fu and will make you ugly cry in the best way.


'Black Mirror': 8.9

Feel like giving your cell phone the side eye, and worrying about the future of humankind? Then Black Mirror will be your jam.


'Orange Is The New Black': 8.2

For those looking for a bad ass female cast driving a series, spend it watching all five seasons of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.


'Narcos': 8.9

Narcos has been goin' strong on Netflix for a while now. And for good reason. Following the life and death of drug lord Pablo Escobar, this series is known for its incredible acting, and fascinating plot. You'll be hooked.


'Mindhunter': 8.6

For anyone who has ever wondered where the term "serial killer" comes from, flip on episode one of Mindhunter. From the intense interviews with twisted murderers to the epic 70s flare, it's an addictive watch.


'American Horror Story': 8.1

As noted on IMDB, American Horror Story is anthology series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a hotel, a possessed farmhouse, and a cult. Check it out.


'The Great British Baking Show': 8.6

The Great British Baking Show is the opposite of all our fast-paced, super stressful cooking competitions. Each season follows 13 amateur bakers as they peacefully make cakes and cookies and — get this — actually help each other out along the way.


'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown': 8.6

Follow the much-loved Anthony Bourdain as he takes us on a journey around the world, covering political issues, indigenous foods, and cultures.

If you choose one of these high-rated TV shows, it'll be tough to peel yourself off the couch and do anything else for a few hours. And you know what? Sometimes that's just what you need to do.