12 Must-Watch TV Shows On Netflix That Are Perfect For Marathoning


When it comes to the eternal mystery of what to watch on Netflix, there are so many factors to consider because there's so much content. But the must-watch TV shows on Netflix come and go so often. Remember when Friends hit the streaming service, and people blocked off their calendar to join the six 20-somethings at Central Perk? Or when Buffy the Vampire Slayer left Netflix, and people screamed and cried and scrambled hard to steal someone's dad's Hulu password? You know all the big names, you've watched a lot of the big names, but what shows should you watch on Netflix now?

If you're at a loss for some new (or new-old) entertainment, then don't worry, this list has you covered. Maybe you're craving a vintage NBC office comedy, or need to seek out a new CW drama. Maybe you want to chill with something slightly educational (but not too educational) from your childhood. It's possible there are some choice family sitcoms that could give you a lot of comfort right now. Or perhaps this is the time to check out the BBC show that you know of, but have never actually gotten around to.

Whatever tickles your fancy, here's a quick collections of shows hidden around Netflix that you should probably get around to... unless you just feel like watching Friends for the millionth time.



Since you're probably over binge-watching Gilmore Girls (and the revival left you a little bit confused) this family dramedy with your girl Lauren Graham might make for a great substitute.


'The Office'

Especially considering there's talk that NBC might bring The Office back for a rumored revival, there's no time like the present to marathon all the seasons.


'Party Of Five'

This one is a great throwback because of how aggressively '90s it is—scream queens Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt co-exist in this pocket of San Francisco. And hey, there's little Lacey Chabert!



If you didn't catch the break-out CW smash in it's inaugural season, you're in luck: the Archie meets Gossip Girl mash-up is now available for streaming.


'Absolutely Fabulous'

This kooky British import is worth watching with your best friend and a couple (read: like six) of cocktails.


'Chill With Bob Ross'

Oh man, come on. Like you don't want to calm the world's anxieties by watching Bob Ross paint a whole bunch of happy little trees.


'Arrested Development'

If you haven't already gotten on board the greatest show most people never watched when it was on air, now's the time to marathon.



It's just always nice to return to somewhere where everybody knows your name.


'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

Come for the intricate mystery of the week, stay for the unconsummated but so hot sexual tension between Benson and Stabler.


'The Magic School Bus'

Going on adventures with Miss Frizzle was the best part of class, so why not make it the best part of your work week! Oh, and you'll learn so many things! And then afterward you can watch the sequel series!



If you've only been subjected to Elementary or those hokey Robert Downey Jr. movies when it comes to modern Sherlock Holmes, then you'll be delighted by this eccentric take with Benedict Cumberbatch.


'Freaks And Geeks'

It's a perfectly nostalgic time... I mean, not that you necessarily want to remember the early days of James Franco's career, but also... why wouldn't you?

Catch all of these must-watch shows before their gone, because the changing of the Netflix queue guard makes fools of us all. Or something.