15 Beautiful Time-Turner Accessories

by Sadie Trombetta

That's it, it's over, the worst year in decades is finally behind us, and you never have to experience it ever again. That is, unless you can get your hands on one of these time-turner accessories that can help you go back in time (or at least help you pretend to) and fix the Year That Shall Not Be Named.

It's hard to imagine wanting to relive anything from last year, but if you had the power to turn back the hands of time, think of all the good you could do in the world by altering some of the outcomes of 2016. You could pop in on the Cincinnati Zoo and save a gorilla's life (RIP, Harambe), prevent (or at least predict) the unexpected death of a princess, and maybe even warn enough people that yes, that walking orange toupee can and will win the presidency unless we do something to stop it.

A tempting thought and an impossible reality, we haven't actually figured out how to travel back in time and change the mistakes of our past, but J.K. Rowling has, and she just so happened to do it with a beautiful accessory, to boot. So instead of dwelling on the mistakes of 2016, treat yourself to one of these 5 beautiful Time-Turner accessories to remind yourself that just because you can't go back, doesn't mean you can't still move forward.


Rotating Time-Turner Necklace


The most classic of themed accessories, rotating Time-Turner necklace looks just like the one Hermione wore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Rotating Time-Turner Necklace, $9, Etsy


Rotating Time-Turner Earrings

To match your powerful necklace, make sure you get yourself a pair of rotating Time-Turner earrings, complete with golden sand and all.

Rotating Time-Turner Earrings, $11, Etsy


Time-Turner Cufflinks


Whether you're getting them as a gift or need them to complete your plan to slay in a suit like Rachel Evan Woods, these Time-Turner cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch for any formal outfit.

Time-Turner Cufflinks, $6, Etsy


Soft Enamel Glitter Lapel Pin


Whether you're adding it to the lapel of a jacket or attaching it to your bag, this glitter pin is a subtle yet magical accessory addition to any witch's ensemble.

Glitter Pin, $12, Etsy


Time-Turner Enamel Pin

For a more modern and colorful twist on the ancient accessory, try a Time-Turner enamel pin painted with yellow, blues and golds.

Time-Turner Enamel Pin, $10, Etsy


Time-Turner Cameo Necklace


If you're not a fan of big jewelry but have always dreamed of wearing a Time-Turner of your own, this cameo necklace might be the right accessory for you.

Cameo Necklace, $9, Etsy


Time-Turner Keychain


Express your love for Harry Potter and a flare of personality with a Time-Turner keychain filled with colorful sand.

Time-Turner Keychain, $15, Etsy


Time-Turner T-Shirt

Just because jewelry isn't your style doesn't mean you can't still accessorize with a Time-Turner. This soft cotton t-shirt featuring a print made out of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban text.

Time-Turner T-Shirt, $20, Teepublic


Time-Turner Bracelet


Bangle your way back in time with this beautiful bracelet inspired by one of Harry Potter's most famous magical items.

Time-Turner Bracelet, $16, Etsy


Harry Potter Accessory Combo

Can't decide which magical Harry Potter item is your favorite? With this accessory combo, featuring a Time-Turner necklace, you don't have to.

Harry Potter Accessory Combo, $25, Amazon


Time Travelers Club Baseball T-Shirt


Start your own Golden Trio with a set of Time Travelers Club baseball tee. A fun way to accessorize with a Time-Turner, this shirt will make you want to go back to 1997 when you first discovered this magical series.

Time Travelers Club Tee, $26, Teepublic


Time-Turner Scarf

Wrap yourself in magic with this gold Time-Turner scarf, the perfect winter accessory for every witch and wizard this winter.

Gold TIme-Turner Scarf, $25, Redbubble


If I Could Turn Back Time Tank Top


Puns + Harry Potter + Cher = pure perfection with this "If I Could Turn Back Time" tank top.

Turn Back Time Tee, $21, Teepublic


Wizard Icon Leggings


Get comfy for all time with these Time-Turner printed leggings, which also feature images of a wand, a broom, and a collection of other fantastic magical items.

Wizard Icon Leggings, $29, Redbubble


Time-Turner Pouch

Perfect for carrying your wand, Remembrall, and, of course, your Time-Turner, this printed pouch is the ideal storage solution for all your magical to-go items.

Time-Turner Printed Pouch, $22, Redbubble